How Does Mold Exist in the Attic?


Mold can pretty much grow anywhere inside your home. Summer is the popular season to find mold in your attic. Research says attic mold is very common and is dealt with by tens of thousands of families every year. If your attic is well ventilated and has no moisture intrusion, you won’t have attic mold to deal with. But, if your attic has moisture issues, then mold shows its presence. And mold is not always easy to spot, especially in an attic, so be extra mindful. Once you are able to locate mold spots in your attic, contact professionals for mold removal in Mississauga without any delay.

Fans Vented into The Attic – Causes of Attic Mold Growth 1

Mold will grow if there is warmth, food, and moisture; the attic is the best place to start its growth because, in most houses, the dryer vents, plumbing vents, kitchen or bathroom fans are often vented through the attic. So, if any of your vents are routed into the attic, hire professionals to re-route the vents to the outside of your house. Also, most importantly, hire a professional for mold inspection in Mississauga.

Inadequate Attic Ventilation – Causes of Attic Mold Growth 2

If there is poor ventilation, moisture gets trapped in the attic and can lead to mold problems. Does your house have mold growth? Hire professionals for mold removal in Mississauga as soon as possible to rectify mold issue issue.

Did you know that used air (produced by cooking, bathing, showering, etc.) will travel up to the attic and create moisture, which makes way for mold growth in the attic? This will quickly spread mold, so lack of ventilation is another major cause of mold growth in your attic and should be addressed immediately.

Missing Insulation or Improperly Installed Insulation – Cause of Mold Growth 3

The quest to save money on cooling and heating bills motivates many DIYs to install more insulation in their attics. But when it comes to mold removal, DIY solutions could result in improper insulation placement, subsequently creating a source for moisture to gather from the lower levels of your home. And, usually, this moisture is the key catalyst for mold growth.

A Leaking Roof – Causes of Attic Mold 4

Moisture problems, like water leaks, will lead to attic mold problems! Also, if you have a vapour barrier installed, check for condensation. Although this is not really a roof leak, it is nevertheless a sign of a moisture problem.

To find the cause:

1.Check roof valleys that are highly susceptible to roof leaks.

2.Check for discoloration of insulation and wood.

Remember, if you have a roof leak and it goes unnoticed, which leads to moisture accumulation in your attic, it most likely will cause mold growth. So, fix the issue professionally with attic mold removal in Mississauga.

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