Do hotel doors lock automatically?

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Door locks are undergoing technical swifts for centuries starting from mechanical to electric and finally digital, after evolving for generations. In the hotel industry, door locks held reputational issues during the mechanical era of technology since a key was the only thing required to intrude into another guest’s privacy. ”There is someone already in that room”: this was an occasional complaint heard at a typical hotel with manual door locks.

However, at present, the majority of hotels in the industry operate with digital technology and always have an auto door closer installed into every room door. It is necessary to always get high-quality door locks from a reliable automatic door supplier to ensure that your guest’s privacy is secured. Moreover, an auto door closer is a fire safety installment. Auto door closers ensure that all doors are closed automatically preventing the spreading of fire.

In this article, we will share what an auto door closer is and whether a hotel door closes automatically.

What is an auto door closer?

Unlike a manual door lock, an auto door closer does not require any physical attempt to close the door. As the name suggests, the door closes automatically. The body of the door closer should either be attached to the door or the frame depending on the type of door. If the door closer is attached to the door, then the shoe of the door closer should be installed on the door frame. If the door closer is attached to the door frame, then the process should be reversed and the door closer shoe should be installed to the door. One of the key advantages of using an automatic door closer in hotel rooms is its range of controls available to adjust the door motion and swing management.

Do hotel doors lock automatically?

Almost all hotel chains in Singapore have auto door closers installed, yet, not all of them provide the auto-locking option. Thus, the answer to this question completely depends on the hotel you book to spend your vacation. Most top-notch hotel services and room rentals have almost all facilities installed for a comfortable hotel stay. This includes an automatic door closer since most travelers only return to their hotel room after a good day of traveling feeling tired. 

Some of the benefits of installing an auto door closer in a hotel include:

  • Prevent door slamming
  • Prevent doors from being left open unnecessarily
  • It does not require any manual support
  • Prevents the spread of fire and smoke

 Are you looking for an automatic door supplier in Singapore?
A door closer is designed to close a door automatically while controlling the swing and slamming rate. Whatever type of door closer you choose, it is necessary to always look for a reliable accessory supplier. You can visit Jecom in Singapore. Talk with their experts to know what is the best solution for your home doors, office doors, hotel doors, etc.

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