How does the diamond’s shape affect its price?

Diamonds are expensive stones because of the quality it possess. It is brilliant, beautiful, flawless, and enduring. One of the most notable features that are unique to diamond is its hardness. Diamond is the hardest gem to date according to the Moh’s scale and it is what makes it useful in so many ways. It does not break or damage easily that is why it is used in many different industries. Aside from using it on jewelry, it can also be useful in the industrial field, the health industry, and even for cosmetic purposes (does diamond peel ring a bell?).

One of the cheapest ways to get a diamond is to buy loose lab grown diamonds. Laboratory-made diamonds are cheaper because it didn’t take millions of years to create them. It only took weeks to months for lab-grown diamonds to be created in the same process as natural diamonds. Despite the shorter process, lab-created diamonds are real diamonds as it exhibits the same qualities of the natural diamonds. The 4C’s to remember in getting a diamond are the cut, color, clarity, and carat, and these very features are found in lab-grown diamonds and earth mined-diamonds. The 4C’s of a lab-grown diamond can be manipulated therefore; it is also the cheapest or most affordable way to own a unique and customized diamond.

Now, one of C’s which is the “Cut” or shape of the diamond also commands the price of loose lab created diamonds. Why? It is because the shape or cut of a diamond is the most visual aspect of the stone. Round cut diamonds are the most expensive because it takes another larger rough diamond to shape a round diamond and it requires precision on the cutting process. Also, there’s a lot of discarded loose diamonds in making the round cut.

Since round-shaped diamonds are expensive, fancy cuts are an alternative to this. The princess cut is the most popular fancy cut which is less expensive the round diamonds. The fancy diamonds are striking, unique in appearance, and still have complex faceting. The other fancy shapes are the pear, oval, and marquise diamonds.

The diamond shape that has a lower price in the hierarchy is the emerald and the asscher cut. These diamond shapes do not discard many loose stones in the process of making it. The emerald shape features step cuts that require lesser precision and it is simpler in design. Still, the emerald cut is very elegant in design and has the classic look.

The other diamond cuts that can be found in the market are the heart, radiant, trillion, and cushion. These diamond shapes are perfect for any type of jewelry and are more affordable especially the lab-created ones.

To get the cheapest diamonds, one can shop for online lab-grown diamonds which is lower than 40% of most mined diamonds. It is available in many colors, cut, carat and clarity. Visit  to learn more about lab-grown diamonds.

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