How Does the Pruvit Reboot Pack Speed Up Ketosis in Just 60 Hours?

The OS natural supplement from Pruvit help in boosting metabolism, burning fat, and provides better weight management. The naturally fermented ketones boost ketosis and switch the mechanism to burning fat to produce energy. On consuming the Keto Reboot Kit, it helps the body to use the fat as energy and shift the body towards Keto Adaptation.


The 60 hour reboot has naturally fermented ketone bodies which help in speeding up the process of ketosis. The reboot kit is an affordable and effective way to burn fat, manage weights, and focus on retaining the process of muscle building.


  • Step by Step Rebooting of the Metabolism and System in the Body 


The Pruvit starter pack is enriched with naturally fermented ketones, vitamins, and other extracts that aims at resetting the body. Within 60 hours of its consumption, it completely reboots the metabolic system to ensure it derives its energy from burning fat.


Within 18+ hours of its consumption, the Pruvit reboot ketones start preparing the body for a complete reboot. After 36 hours, it starts resetting the body and switches the mechanism from utilizing sugar as energy to a fat burner. Once 60 hours is complete, it reboots the entire system and leads to the resting of the digestive and metabolic systems.


  • Benefits of Rebooting System with Pruvit Ketones 


The 60 hour reboot aims at complete rebooting after 60 hours of the consumption of the ketones. It supports the body with 60 hours of intermittent fasting to speed up ketogenesis. There are different packs included in the reboot kit.


Reboot Better Broth – The broth is prepared with high-quality ingredients like natural beef and chicken broth. It is formulated to improve the DNA signalling of the body, improve mobility, and allow overall muscle growth and enhance cellular function. It is packed in two flavours which are salted caramel and keto thyme.

  • The better broth improves adrenal performance, enhance longevity, and performance
  • It helps in enhancing the appearance of skin and boost immunity through detoxification
  • Supports growth of healthy gut bacteria and reduce stress response
  • It helps in supporting better recovery, improve mitochondria functionality and powers joint health


Signal OS Capsule – The capsules help in improving sleep and cellular renewal. It is a great dietary supplement and consuming one capsule a day repairs DNA, enhance immunity, removes damaged cells or toxins, and improves overall cellular health.


Keto OS Nat – It is an important inclusion in the Pruvit starter pack which includes the C-Med 100 that helps with improved cellular function, boost DNA repair, immunity, and increase the content of essential amino acid in the body. It is fortified with fermented leucine and other essential amino acids which improves structural support in the body.


Mitoplex Electrolytes – It is enriched with electrolytes that helps in keeping the body hydrated, enhance energy metabolism, and support mitochondrial biogenesis.

The use of the Reboot pack is one of the best, effective ways to suppress hunger, improve focus, regulate the circadian rhythm, uplifts moods, enhance cognitive function, and help in increasing the concentration of the gut bacteria and enhance gastrointestinal function.

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