How EPOS System Can Manage Inventory In Multiple Locations?

Does your business have multiple store locations? Do you struggle with tracking your inventory from one store to another? Do you find yourself running short on supplies at one store while having excess in another location? Are you confused about inventory management? These are a few common issues that can be experienced in retail and hospitality businesses with multiple locations. Fortunately, the solution is easy to implement.

Multi-Store Locations

An electronic till system inventory management system from Epos Direct allows you to manage multiple locations with a single program. Epos Direct restaurant epos system UK, retail epos system, and pub epos system offer to report on inventory for all of your locations. Your stock reports can be separated or combined. You can monitor your inventory in stores and central warehouses too.

Purchase orders are created with ease through the POS inventory management tool. You can create purchase orders for a single location or have inventory sent to your central warehousing location and distribute it to stores from that point. The complete purchase order process is streamlined by the Epos Direct POS inventory management software.

Inventory Management Features

What do you do when orders are not delivered from the warehouse to a location? Epos Direct tools for inventory management for multiple locations simplify as well. You could use barcoding to scan products as they enter and leave the warehouse or input the transfers from your home office. But there is also a more efficient way of doing this.

A unique feature of this inventory management tool is the ability to change levels. You can use your sales history to determine the minimum and maximum quantities of products you deliver. You can then use these levels and supply stores from the central more productive by allowing the system to determine the number of products that need to be moved. It keeps you back from running to quickly clear out an item that you have in excess and it keeps you back from running out of stock on popular products that are at risk of selling out.

Epos Direct offers inventory management for multiple locations using an epos system that is simple, intuitive and customizable. It also travels along with you. You can access epos online from a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. You can access inventory reports from anywhere. You can give access to these reports to selected employees.

Contact Epos Direct today to learn more about our ability to help you with inventory management for multiple locations. We will help you through the advantages of our product and how it will help your business regardless of the number of stores you manage.

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