How Google Algorithms are Beneficial for a Business?

Business owners sometimes neglect the power of Google algorithm changes until it’s too late. As per sources, many companies are not aware of how much money they’ve lost due to a fall in rankings or traffic. Google’s Algorithm updates are unexpected and quick and can have severe impacts if you are not prepared. Though, there are Top Social Media Marketing Companies that ensure high rankings and ROI. However, Google Algorithms play a crucial role in overall business marketing. Let’s have a look at their latest update.

The Buying Process

We saw a Google Algorithm update in the later 2018 that emphasized on providing an extraordinary search journey. Based on what the customers have bookmarked or previously searched for, Google displays a unique set of results by executing two new features.

1. Google Activity Cards — These activity cards store information on the activity a user does online. The search queries, the time spent on each site, and their engagement behavior are all stored on these cards.

2. Google Collections — Essentially, Google Collections are customized/grouped folders that contain Google Activity Cards.

Steps involved in the buying process:

1. Research — A user, looking for a product, types in specific keywords into Google.

2. Assessment — The user will visit several websites and compare competitors.

3. Evaluation — A certain amount of time(minutes, hours, days. etc.) passes in which the user views their buying choices.

4. Decision — The user goes back to Google and enters a search query similar to the one they did in step one, and makes a buying decision.

Now, Google decides to try to improve it by implementing more personalization, i.e., it shifts the products the user has previously seen, toward the top of the search results. In their research, Google discovered that the user wants to see the previously viewed results, instead of new ones.

How Google Algorithms affect your Business?

· Web traffic changes

· Search visibility fluctuations

· Rankings

· User behavior

· Revenue

· ROI(Return on investment)

How a Business benefits from Google Algorithm Updates?

1. Consistently ensure your listings are accurate across all online platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Bing, Google, Yahoo, or secondary listing sites that do not have any inaccuracies.

2. Monitor your page traffic and levels of the store location.

3. Instead of focusing on short-term optimization strategies, the target should only be Customer Experience.

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