How Helpful Is Cortana?

Some people do not know that Cortana is a virtual assistant and is one of the best features of the devices with Windows 10 operating system. It is available on computers, Android, iOS, Windows cell phones, Xbox One, Windows Mixed Reality and so on.

The presence of Cortana in the life of Windows 10 users makes their lives simple. For instance, it helps in reminding you about events. The best part of it is that if by chance you feel lonely or bored, then it can be an excellent partner to spend time with. Like the rest of your friends, it can crack jokes or can also play video games with you.

It works not only in a spoken form but also in the written form.

Text translation

Rather than using Google’s translate service or other alternative translators, you must go for Cortana. It can translate the English language into 50 languages, and it is going to add more in the upcoming time. For turning on Cortana’s translation, you require to speak as ‘How do I say ‘I love drinking juice’ in Spanish. Now, Cortana will give you the suitable answer.

Usage of emoticons

Majority of the people have heard about the Cortana’s text dictation feature. This works very simple. For instance, when the users need to speak out the things that they want it to be written down, this shall result in all the spoken stuff in the written form.  Luckily, it can also put emojis on it.

Multimedia search

Remembering the name of the files is a tough task. So you don’t need to remember the exact name as Cortana handles the sorting of files of not just Word but also of Excel, PowerPoint, images, docs and so on by the date it has been made. Hence, for searching, you shall say to Cortana that ‘show me images, documents, etc. from the day before yesterday or last month.


The daily routine needs setting up a goal which shall help us to go through the day without forgetting anything. Cortana is always available to its users. The users of Cortana can set up reminders, and this will present alarm at the time whenever you want it to ring. For instance, the users can give the order of ‘Remind me to call elder brother to call when I finish my dinner.’

Unleash the complete potential of Cortana and have some fun.

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