How high is the cost performance of the portable crushing plant?

How high is the cost performance of the new portable crushing plant? Portable crushing plant equipment is an advanced and environment-friendly construction waste crushing and treatment equipment in the market. It can be moved or fixed; High power, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection; Low noise and compact structure. One click operation can crush solid wastes such as construction waste at the rate of 150 ~ 200 tons per hour, which can effectively solve the problem of construction waste treatment currently faced in China. All kinds of construction waste can be turned into treasure at the construction site, solve the headache problem of urban construction waste treatment, and help the construction of waste free cities, Greatly meet the practical needs of the domestic market for the development of circular economy.

The new portable crushing plant can carry out several crushing operations with one equipment. The equipment combines the technical advantages of crusher and sand making machine, and becomes a fully portable gravel and sand equipment. It can use waste to produce sand and stone, or treat hard rock to produce recycled aggregate. The production capacity of using 8-16mm waste aggregate to produce 0-4mm sand and gravel is about 50t / h; The production capacity of using 70-200mm hard rock to produce 0-32mm aggregate is about 140t / h.

The main characteristics of the new portable sand making include the innovative design of combined crushing sand making, which makes the crushing lighter, lighter and less power demand. The sand breaking machine is the standard configuration of the main machine. The optimized design of the integrated machine of the sand breaking machine reduces the weight, ensures that more energy is transmitted to the materials, and realizes more sand making products. The product features high performance and good appearance; Modular design helps to reduce the cost of parts, and common parts are easy to replace and maintain; Downtime is also lower than other equipment. Users can complete the replacement of wear-resistant parts in the crushing bin in one minute.

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