How Important Are Images for Your Landing Page?


What is the sole purpose of creating landing pages? The obvious answer is, to convert visitors into customers. Hence, you must make sure that every element of the landing page including the images is there for a good reason. Here’s why images are so important for landing pages –

Adds Tangibility to the Transaction

Users want to see a product before they consider buying it. This is why landing pages must have images of the product. Even in cases of products that are not necessarily photogenic, putting their pictures on the landing page is really important. For instance, software selling companies often feature highly edited virtual images of software packages, often putting them on store shelves just so the transaction seems more real.

Images have an Impact on Emotions

The whole world knows that consumers purchase goods based on their emotions. They may try to justify their purchasing habits with logic but overall emotions play a huge part. Images on a landing page can help businesses generate constructive emotions that make the visitors want to do business with the company. How many times have we seen images of happy mothers and smiling children being used to sell children’s products?

Trust and Brand Building

One of the chief barriers for ecommerce websites is the issue of building trust in the minds of the consumers. Since consumers don’t get the chance to walk into an actual store to see if the people they’re buying from are a legitimate business, right up till the point of delivery the question lingers –

“Can I trust this ecommerce website?”

Images help in alleviating this doubt by showing the customer the range of products the company sells, helping in creating a positive attitude for the brand.

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