How Interactive Videos Can Boost Your Blog Engagement

Do you really know what your customers want? If you are already interested in marketing, you probably know that the strategies are based on knowing the users well to communicate properly.

But the main thing is: how do you collect data from them?

So what if you could monitor every choice your customers make as they interact with your brand?

In this way, you will be able to really know their preferences, what they are interested in and never miss an opportunity to sell something.

Well, we have good news: you can do this with interactive content. More specifically, interaction video.

They represent an evolution of conventional linear video, and they’re here to stay. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how they work and use them to boost your marketing efforts.

Information gathering is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits you can get from using this type of video. There is much more to it. Eager to learn more about that topic? Stay tuned!

What is an interactive video?

A video is a modern and attractive type of content that combines audio and images, as you already know. An interactive one, on the other hand, is a video that requires the active participation of users.

They not only look at the piece, but they have the power to decide what is going to happen next.

That means they can answer questions as they watch, click links, fill out forms, drag things, and scroll to control what they see. You can do almost anything with this type of content, which is why it is so successful today.

It is well known that lately many people have taken advantage of videos for marketing. According to HubSpot, 81% of businesses apply them as an effective marketing strategy.

After all, the same study shows that 72% of customers prefer to learn about a topic through videos. However, you can go further by adding interactivity to your audiovisual pieces.

Many brands are already starting to experiment with that. These are 360 ​​degree videos, quizzes, hotspot links and many more. Don’t worry about variety, though: we’ll talk about the different types of interactive pieces later.

Imagine that your user wants to know more about a weak point that they have. Let’s say they google the problem and find several links to possible solutions. click here

After viewing a few pages, the user begins to realize that he needs to watch long videos and wait a long time to learn about what he wanted to know.

That’s what happens every day. Many brands still rely on traditional videos and require much more effort from their users.

But what if they could learn something while experiencing an immersive, game -based experience? That’s when interactivity comes into play.

Users will control the content and easily find what they are looking for. By just pursuing their interests and making the right decisions, they save some time.

In this way, companies can reduce churn rates, which is a problem that we all face.

Since people don’t want to waste their time, they are unlikely to finish a traditional long video. After all, it’s a lot of talking and they just watch.

Over the last few years, many large companies have managed to increase their 6streams with innovative marketing strategies; Gamification strategies are possibly considered the most effective, since they increase engagement with the brand. If a proven effective strategy like this is added to the strength and impact that a good Video Marketing campaign can produce, then the result is unbeatable.

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