How international preschool student learn value education in GIIS Tokyo?

Schools that use a holistic approach strive to provide a relevant, balanced education that focuses on character development as much as academics. Teaching universal values enables students to grow up to be compassionate, confident adults. A values-based education instils in students a sense of respect for themselves and others. Students learn to be open-minded toward other viewpoints and cultures and to find ways to serve others.

At GIIS Tokyo, one of the pillars of our 9 GEMS framework is Universal Values. Their values-based approach begins in early childhood with our youngest students. For our Nursery and Kindergarten students, we use the Global Montessori Plus Programme (GMP). 

The GMP follows the principles of the renowned Montessori curriculum, but also incorporates the latest methods and best practices to provide a 21st-century education. The GMP rests on six pillars. One of these is iCare. This pillar is dedicated to introducing students to authentic needs in the community and promoting environmental stewardship.

By participating in activities such as gardening and charity drives, young children learn about compassion and kindness and gain an understanding of the importance of giving. Interactions with community members also cultivate traits that are essential to character development, such as honesty, integrity and punctuality. Additionally, teachers model these values to students daily and encourage the children to help each other and to show respect and courtesy to others.

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