How Is Employee Background Verification Gaining Popularity in India?

Like other countries, Indian companies are also prioritizing background verification before hiring an employee. This trend is gaining popularity among employers due to the lack of trustworthiness between the employee and employer. This trust deficiency has given an increase in demand for the background checking process in this country.

Many companies have experienced CV fraud in the past. Many times, job seekers submit fake details that mislead the hiring authority. This emerging situation has made organizations take safety measures before sending an offer letter to a job seeker. Hence many organizations today are opting for pre-employment screening before appointing an employee.

Nowadays, background verification becomes a norm to follow by almost every sector. Especially the sectors like IT, banking, insurance hospitality, finance, start appointing employees only after proper verification. Agencies conduct this verification process at a low cost.

The type of pre-employment verifications

Whether an established company or a start-up, all are trying to implement various screening processes in their workforce. These companies do multiple verifications based on the documents submitted by a candidate. Let’s take a look at the verification process in general.

  • Pan card verification: – Pan car is considered one of the most important identify proves of a person. The hiring authority will do the necessary pan card address verification to ensure the genuineness of the candidate.
  • Aadhar card verification:- From the Aadhar card, a company can verify the identity as well as the residential proof of the person. Hence, Aadhar verification is mandatory before appointing an employee.
  • Verification of court order:- While verifying the court orders, a company gets the criminal record of job seekers. If a company finds any such criminal record, it will turn down the application of the candidate.
  • Checking of records of prior employment:- Candidates mention details of their experiences. They also share the companies with whom they have worked. These references get checked by a hiring authority to justify the truth of the information mentioned in a CV.

A dedicated company that is hired or outsourced by the employer performs the above-mentioned screenings before hiring an employee. But due to notifications of the Supreme Court, a hiring authority stay away from social media verification. Many companies used to continue police verification with the help of the law enforcement department.

However, this trend is now skipped by many companies. Sometimes companies directly ask a candidate to arrange a PCC or Police Clearance Certificate and submit it with the hiring authority.

Well, those above verification processes help an origination to stay away from appointing an unfit person to the company.

There are various other aspects involved in the process. You can understand it best after meeting the experts of the company in this service industry. Are you an employer looking for the PAN address verification for the candidates who applied for a vacancy with your company? If that is true, we recommend the name of iCrederity. This company is known for offering excellent verification services and that too at an affordable rate. Meet the experts of the company today for more information.

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