How is FASTag beneficial?

People and the way things work have been significantly influenced by technology. They use it all over the world to save time, effort, and labour. Although most businesses have begun to use them as a substitute for manual work, infrastructure has not got overlooked. The Indian government’s Digital India initiative encouraged all companies and government agencies to use electronic devices to carry out their daily tasks.

In the transition to a toll-operate-transfer model, FASTag performance was evident. It is a centralised system that electronically accepts vehicle data and has a positive economic effect. It has improved convenience, eliminated congestion at toll plazas, and helped the economy become more technologically friendly, even though it is mandatory for all car owners.

What benefits does it offer?

Electronic toll collection has helped decongest highways by eliminating the need for cars to queue for long periods to pay tolls in cash. The movement has become smooth and easy, saving fuel, generating revenue, and improving toll payment transparency.

If you are thinking about buying the FASTag online, you will notice that it offers numerous advantages. The following are a few advantages:

It will help to shorten the waiting time.

There is no need to add additional lanes to reduce traffic at toll booths.

It would reduce emissions caused by stop-and-go traffic at toll plazas and, as a result, pollution decreases.

It helps in the reduction of fuel consumption.

It would aid in the reduction of traffic congestion.

FASTag electronic toll collection, which is operated and managed by India’s National Payments Corporation, has been a massive success in collaboration with various banks and the Indian Highways Management Company Limited. All vehicles equipped with an RFID tag can pass through toll plazas without paying the toll. The tag connects to their wallet or bank account, from which the charges will get deducted directly, eliminating the need for cash.

There are approximately 22 banks that are authorised to issue them to the public. Ten banks serve as “acquirers,” negotiating contracts with individual concessionaires to build tag readers and infrastructure. People may also apply for them at toll plazas or any of the banks that are involved. It will allow them to travel and reach their destination early without queuing long periods of time to pay tolls.

How to pay and recharge it online?

Car owners may apply for a FASTag online and recharge it as well. They can use credit cards, debit cards, RTGS, NEFT, and net banking as payment methods. Some issuers charge convenience fees for recharging wallets depending on recharge mode in addition to the Goods and Services Tax. These expenses include not only transactions but also financial and personal expenses. These costs are long-term investments that protect data, personal privacy, and the nation’s economic growth.

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