How is Prestashop Spin and Win Module beneficial for your eCommerce business?

The Prestashop Spin and Win Module is a highly functional module for your eCommerce business. Thus, we will be focusing on the ways it is beneficial.
As we all know, competition in the eCommerce market is growing by the day. Hence, increasing customer involvement is critical. For? To improve the relationship between customers and eCommerce businesses. In the eCommerce industry, the traditional email subscription pop-ups and communications subscriptions are regarded as an annoyance. Thus, several dynamic and current featured modules are required. Prestashop Interactive pop up addon is a responsive and interactive addon built by Knowband. It also boosts client participation in your online shop. Further, providing a rebate would not be enough to get them to buy. Thus, the Prestashop subscription pop up addon comes in handy in engaging the customers with the eCommerce business. Further, solves this issue.
The Subscription pop up addon allows the visitors and customers to spin the wheel on the front end. Furthermore, they just have to give in their email address in exchange for getting the winning prize. Why the email address? The discount coupon or coupon code for the free gift is sent to the user through email.

Now, let us take a look at the benefits of the Prestashop Spin and Win Module by Knowband.

1. Multi-purpose use of the module

The Prestashop Spin and Win Addon can function as many things. For instance, as an entry pop-up, exit pop-up, or email subscription pop-up.

2. Displays an interactive spinning wheel on the front end

Visitors are enticed to register their email addresses by the interactive, fun-filled gamified spin the wheel contest. Thus, it’s simple to entice customers to visit your online business.

3. Helps in increasing the client base

The Prestashop Spin and Win pop up assists the administrator in growing the client base. Further, by capturing or retrieving the users’ email addresses.

4. Boosts user’s confidence

The Prestashop Entry Pop up boosts user confidence in your store.

5. Increases customer engagement

The Prestashop entry pop-up addon improves consumer engagement. Furthermore, which has a significant influence on your online store’s sales.

6. Customizable spin wheel

The Prestashop Exit Intent Pop up is adjustable/customizable to meet the needs of the admin or owner, as well as your web store’s theme.

7. Easy-to-use Admin Interface

The backend of the Prestashop spin and win module is smart and easy to use. Thus, the layout makes it exceedingly simple to use.

8. The theme scheduling

Thanks to the theme scheduling of the Prestashop Email Subscription pop up addon, the admin can set the theme well in advance. In fact, with the module, the admin can create a Christmas theme or Halloween theme in advance. Further, set the timer and the theme will set in as per the need.

9. Coupon creation is easy-peasy

Fixed coupon creation is a characteristic of the Prestashop spin and win module that allows admins to limit the functionality of the coupons with other cart settings.

In The End

Thus, these are the stunning benefits of the Prestashop Spin and Win Module by Knowband. Do you want to have this for your eCommerce store? Do let us know your queries at

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