How is Raising Bed for Acid Reflux Relevant?

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One of the common and potent health disorders in major parts across the globe is acid reflux. It is especially prevalent in Western countries and is considered one of the most frequent gastrointestinal disorders prevailing in people there. Acid reflux is also a chronic disorder, which makes it even more challenging to treat it effectively.

Doctors usually prescribe a couple of Proton Pump Inhibitors or PPI in such cases. However, since it is a chronic disorder, you should continue the prescribed medications for a long course of time. Associated with such a practice is a possible risk that can worsen your health even more. Therefore, choosing non-medicated options over the medicated ones seem to be the only way out.

Raising a bed for acid reflux is one such option that can effectively treat the cause without any side-effects. It can occur to you how both of these are connected. The answer to this question is in the next segment.

  • Elevation of the Head of Bed Can Block the Esophagus from Acid Exposure:

When you are lying straight on your back, it is often possible for the acidic components present in your body to travel along the food pipe and meet and accumulate at the esophageal region. Thus if you are suffering from chronic acid reflux, you should resort to modifying the height of your bedhead right away. This is because when your head is at an elevated position than the rest of your body, esophageal exposure to acid gets blocked.

  • Gravity Acting in Your Favour

As already mentioned above, when you are laying horizontally, chances of the acidic content in your body (dissolved from the consumed food) traveling in an upright manner are pretty high. This happens because gravity has no role in opposing the mechanism whatsoever. However, when you use an elevated bed head, gravity comes into play, and it can directly resist the upward movement of the acidic components along the food pipe.

Acid reflux is becoming a critical health disorder day by day because of its massive impact and frequency. Even though there are medical options available, it is a wise decision to treat and prevent such refluxes through lifestyle modifications organically, as stated above.

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