How Laparoscopic Surgery is helpful for infertility treatment?

Laparoscopic Treatment for Infertility

Are you facing a problem in ovulating? Or you are dealing with some fertility-related issues? Do not worry, as technology has provided us with several ways that can help in resolving infertility problems. These days, many gynaecologists have started using Laparoscopic treatment for infertility. This treatment is not only helpful in treating infertility but it does help in diagnosing it too. Other than infertility, laparoscopic treatment is used for many other medical problems also.

Know about Laparoscopic Surgery

Usually, doctors suggest laparoscopic surgeries these days, as they are not that complicated. Also, they are less painful in comparison to other surgeries. The surgery is done using a laparoscope which is an instrument with light and camera and the surgical instruments. It is very thin and has a fibre-optic tube. So, doctors do not require to make a big cut for the surgery. They can see the organs with the help of a camera in the laparoscope and that makes it possible for them to do the surgery with ease.

In what cases doctors suggest Laparoscopic Surgery for Infertility?

There can be many reasons for Infertility. And Laparoscopic surgery can be used in treating several problems related to infertility. Let’s know about some of the cases where Laparoscopic Surgery is used for treating infertility.

  • If the fallopian tube has been blocked due to the ovarian cyst. Sometimes it can be quite painful also. In this case, the endometrial ovarian cyst needs to get removed. Doctors use laparoscopic treatment in such cases for the removal of the cyst using a needle with the help of ultrasound for proper guidance.
    • If Hydrosalpinx is blocking your fallopian tube or is being suspected, in this case also such surgeries are required. Usually, the gynaecologists suggest that the affected tube should be removed. As it helps in increasing the success rate of IVF.
    • For the fallopian tube repair or for unblocking the fallopian tube, gynaecologists recommend this surgery. Especially, if all the other fertility-related factors seem perfect, this kind of surgery is said to be quite beneficial.
    • There are cases when a few or multiple fibroids may create problems in the uterine cavity. They may also cause pain or end up blocking the fallopian tube. For the treatment of multiple fibroids, laparoscopic treatment is quite helpful.
    • In some cases of PCOS also doctors suggest laparoscopic surgery for ovarian drilling. This is a risky procedure, but there are benefits also. In ovarian drilling, doctors make a few tiny punctures with the help of laparoscopic surgery in ovaries. Your gynaecologists will discuss this with you in detail, depending upon your condition that will be effective for you to ovulate or not.
  • If the doctors have suspected endometrial deposits, then also they recommend laparoscopic surgery. Usually, doctors recommend the removal of endometrial deposits when one is in pain. There are other ways also for the removal of endometrial deposits other than laparoscopic surgery.

Is laparoscopic treatment helpful in all fertility-related issues?

No, laparoscopic treatment is not helpful in all fertility-related issues, however, it can be used to diagnose the problem. It depends on your fertility treatment that whether you need laparoscopic surgery or not. We always suggest people find the best gynaecologist in Delhi NCR who is an expert in such treatments. As there can be some complications after laparoscopic surgery. So, one should see the best doctor if they have to undergo this surgery. You can visit the website of doctors to know if they do laparoscopic surgery or not.

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