How Long Can a Rejuran Healer Last?

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As we get closer to our 30s, our skin starts to change, necessitating additional treatment to keep our skin elastic. When we reach our 40s, our skin’s ability to retain moisture decreases, which causes more wrinkles and fine lines. Additionally, the humid and hot climate in Singapore is not helpful either. Skin rapidly loses its elasticity without proper care, and other skin problems may develop. There could be an increase in skin pigmentation and longer-lasting acne scars, some of which could become permanent.


Rejuran healer in Singapore steps in to help in this situation. This skin-repairing injectable treatment promises to remove the most obvious aging symptoms and leave behind skin that is vibrant and luminous. Polynucleotides (PN), which are produced from salmon DNA and have exceptional cell regeneration capabilities, is the main component of rejuran healer and are well-suited to the human body. 


What does Rejuran Healer do to your skin?

By promoting cell regeneration, enhancing blood circulation, and shielding skin from UV rays and inflammatory free radicals, polynucleotides strengthen the skin’s internal structure. Polynucleotides encourage the release of Endothelial Growth Factor (EGF), which blood vessels require to expand. Blood vessels transport nutrients and oxygen for cells to flourish. Additionally, polynucleotides collect DNA and RNA fragments from harmed cells and assemble them into fresh DNA for new cells. This procedure lessens scarring and speeds up tissue repair. At the same time, fibroblast cells manufacture collagen renewal, increasing the thickness and suppleness of the dermis. Your skin is better able to protect itself against external elements like pollution, UV ray damage, and acne that accelerates skin aging as the dermis layer becomes stronger and thicker.

Additionally, rejuran healer regulates the skin’s hydration and oil production. It helps persons with dry skin, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, and thinning skin as a skin rejuvenation procedure. Dry skin, stretch marks, sagging skin on the neck, corners of the lips, and the area around the eyes can all be addressed with rejuran healer.


How long does the results of  Rejuran healer last? 

You ought to notice your skin getting smoother and drier a week following treatment. In particular, around the cheekbones and eye area, skin tightening and wrinkle reduction results can be observed 2 to 4 weeks following the first session as the skin heals and collagen regenerates. Rejuran Healer produces collagen that stays in the body until it is gradually broken down by the body’s own enzymes. It could last from 6 months to a year, depending on your particular body type and metabolism.


The injection technique is also a key element in the Rejuran healer’s lifespan. Rejuran healer is best administered manually using a small needle to enable optimal skin absorption of the medication. Furthermore, bruising is quite infrequent when manual injection is performed correctly. The injector gun method, on the other hand, may not produce as noticeable results due to its high risk of bruising and inadequate product absorption. Small bumps on the face without any bruising are a good sign that Rejuran healer has been applied correctly.In other instances, a single session might not produce enough cellular repair for long-lasting effects. 


Rejuran healer’s recommended course consists of three sessions spaced roughly three weeks apart. Usually, the final session yields the best outcomes. Patients can choose to continue treatment for maintenance every six months after that.


Side Effects Of Rejuran healer

There have only been minor side effects such as post-treatment bruising, swelling, temporary needle scars, and moderate pain. Other than that, professional use of the Rejuran healer has not been associated with any complaints of long-term negative effects. 


In conclusion, Rejuran healer is a fantastic alternative for anyone looking for non-surgical ways to reverse aging and regenerate youth.


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