How Long Does Custom Pen Take To Ship In Rome?

Now people are choosing a greener world for a healthy lifestyle. People have explored custom pens composed of non-toxic plastic materials to enjoy the greener lush around us. These pens are developed with organic reusable plastic materials. In Rome, custom pens are trendy for their huge kinds of features. While manufacturing custom pens, Rome follows the European regulation REACH and TSCA, the American Regulation system.

How Long Does Custom Pen Take To Ship In Rome

Why in Rome Custom pens are so popular? 

  • With the custom pens, children will write about their future without pollution.
  • Custom pens are personalized with different facilities.
  • With these custom pens, people can communicate easily.
  • Here peoples have no anxiety about leakage of ink or refilling the ink.
  • In custom pens, the tube is made up of polypropylene. Ink is safer than previous commercially used pens. Manufacturers can customize the ink stroke range according to the customers’ preferences.
  • These custom pens are mainly produced with ink colors blue and black. With special requests, manufacturers of custom pens can also develop different Pantone colours to fulfil customers’ unique demands.

Types of custom pens in Rome:

Based on customers’ demands, different types of custom pens are available in Rome.

  • X-20: It is the lightest model of custom pen. People can write up to 2000 meters with this pen.
  • Jumbo: These custom pens people can write up to 2500 meters. It is highly popular for office purposes.
  • RT-90: It is a particular type of custom pen from Rome. With these pens, people can quickly write for a log, up to 4000 meters. Manufacturers produce this pen on request.
  • Fast dry gel pen: The ball is made of stainless steel in these custom pens. It is very royal, and people can write up to 700 meters with these custom pens.

Special features:

Custom pens are not only remarkable for their writing smoothness or engraved names but with their case or gift boxes. In pen boxes, people can write messages to convey their best wishes to their friends. Some Custom pen manufacturing organizations have the facility to customize pen boxes with high-quality multi-side pads. Custom pens in Rome can be the best media to promote a brand as fairs, press kit boxes, or gift sets. Custom pens’ fast shipping is mainly performed through Italy’s Mediterranean sea. Sometimes it takes a long time depending on the custom-related activities. Custom pens are shipped from Italy through boats and usually take three weeks. For exceptional cases, manufacturers send these custom pens in airways which takes 3 to 4 days after custom clearances. These custom pens are made from Italian hearts where people can wait a long for custom pens’ fast shipping. Sometimes, customers provide extra charges to get fast shipping.

From all aspects, custom pens are a new revolution in the print media and academicians as a benchmark. If you want to experience the smooth run of your words on your pad, make an order and enjoy the writing.

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