How many English words a day is reasonable?

How many English words a day is reasonable?

The ability to remember is an important factor that makes it easier for a person to study and be more successful in work and life.

How many words should you learn a day to be able to remember for a long time? How much to study to not be under pressure are questions many people ask to learn English vocabulary best.

How many English words you learn a day depends on many factors such as your level of English, your need to improve your vocabulary quickly and whether you are a foreign language specialist or not.

Learn how many English words a day is reasonable

Normally, word counter college students require students to learn between 50-100 words per day. This number is suitable for students who require a high level of English and those who specialize in foreign languages. It should be divided into many study times such as morning, afternoon, evening and many different ways of studying such as learning through dictionaries, learning through movies, learning from lectures in class…

If you are just starting to learn English or those who do not often use English, you should learn 10-20 words per day. Beginners should choose to study by topics to make it easier to remember. The number of words each day will be gradually increased over time if you feel it is suitable for your ability

Many views believe that it is not advisable to set how many words to learn a day. It is important that you build the habit of learning English for yourself. There is a small trick for learning vocabulary is that you change the interface of your phone or computer screen to English, change your gmail, facebook language to English is also a pretty effective way for you to remember many words. more vocabulary

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