How many kilos of baggage are allowed by Kuwait Airways?

Suppose you have a long trip planned with Kuwait Airways and you have heavy luggage with you, and you need clarification about How many kilos can you check in luggage. After making the bookings, you have raised a query like you are confused with the baggage. One of the essential things you must keep in mind while traveling is the baggage allowance. One must be aware of the baggage allowance, price, and other things related to baggage if one wishes to travel with Kuwait Airways. Read the given content so as to know about the allowance of weight, size, etc. The content has all the required information.

Kuwait Airlines checked baggage allowance.

If you are planning to carry luggage with you and you want to know How many kilos baggage is allowed in Kuwait Airways, then you can go through the information given in the points below. With Kuwait Airlines, you can have a copious baggage allowance, where you can carry free luggage along with you that must come under the allowance rules. The allowance also depends on the fare rupees that you have agreed with in order to book the tickets.

  • If you are traveling with Royal class, you can carry three pieces of bags, each weighing not more than 32 kilos and 300 cm.
  • If you are a first-class ticket holder, you can carry three bags each within 32 kilos and 250 cm.
  • If you have a business class booking, you can carry two bags, each bag not exceeding 32 kilos and 158 cm.
  • If you are traveling with an economy class ticket, you can carry two bags not exceeding more than 23 kilos and 158 cm.

Kuwait Airlines Hand baggage allowance

If you wish to know How many kilos hand carry in Kuwait Airways, then read the information hence given:

  • The bag that you carry in hand must be at most the size of the overhead bin. You can also carry one personal item along with the hand baggage. If you have a royal, first, or business-class ticket, the bag must weigh within 11 kgs and should be at most the size 56x46x25 cms.
  • If you have an economy ticket, the hand luggage has to be less than 7 kilos and the size be within 56x46x25 cms.

Kuwait Airlines Excess baggage

There are separate rules for the excess baggage you carry on the aircraft with you. If you are having excess baggage along with you, you can choose to reach the airport well in advance through which you can get your check-in done; the other required details are mentioned below:

  • If you are carrying one extra piece of luggage with you onto the aircraft, you will have to pay extra fees of 45 kwd.
  • For another extra bag, in the checked luggage, you will have to pay 65 kwd.
  • For three or more three additional bags, you will have to pay 85 kwd for each bag you are carrying.

How many bags can you carry on Kuwait Airways?

If you want to know Can checked baggage be 2 bags, then the answer to it is yes. Only if you don’t have an economy reservation can you carry more than one bag. With an economy reservation, you can only carry one bag.

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