How Many VoIP Lines Will You Need? Consider the Following Factors

Have you been planning on buying a VoIP phone system for your business? If so, you might have asked yourself how many VoIP lines you’ll need for smooth communication experience. You must decide on the number of VoIP lines for making an efficient VoIP phone system purchase. You can decide on the number of VoIP lines based on the following factors:

· The number of phones: You can decide the number of VoIP lines based on the number of physical phones you need on your premises. The number of phones are based on the number of rooms rather than the number of employees. So, you can have one VoIP phone system per room.

· The number of employees: Another way to decide the number of VoIP lines is based on the number of employees. Each employee will have a phone and a unique extension. The more employees, the greater the number of VoIP lines you will need.

· The number of phone numbers: When using a fixed phone line, each office location will need a phone number. But with VoIP lines, multiple office locations can use a single phone number with an extension. VoIP lines provide a feature of auto-attendant that asks the caller which office location they want to contact such as 1 for Chicago, 2 for LA, and more.

· The number of Inbound/Outbound calls simultaneously: Based on the number of concurrent calls that your organization needs to attend; you can decide the number of VoIP phone lines. Go for an unlimited simultaneous VoIP call service provider for the best results.

Based on the above factors you can make an informed decision about the number of VoIP lines that will be needed for smooth, hassel-free communication. To get VoIP phone service, contact onCloud, a leading provider of the best-in-class VoIP phone service.

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