How meditation transforms our life

Meditation is the biggest blessing one can have in life. It won’t take long for us to realize this only if we can commit to this practice everyday even for a few minutes. We would see all the benefits that various researchers are claiming again and again along with the transformation that can’t be measured or proven by any experiment or research. 

Let’s have a look how meditation transforms our life along with a few meditation tips and meditation courses in India to stay committed to this practice.

Get in touch with your true self

We are conditioned from the very childhood by our parents, schools, and society due to which we completely lose our touch with our true self. We start identifying ourselves with some beliefs, morals and personality that we acquire from the outside world instead of our true nature. 

But the truth is different. We are not our personality, nor our beliefs. 

We are this ocean of consciousness that is connected to everything else that exists. And if we can somehow not only understand but also start existing in this state of awareness, stillness and blissfulness, everything else in our life will fall in place. The good news is that to practice living with awareness can be started with a practice of sitting in meditation even for a few minutes per day. Eventually, increase the meditation time and soon you will see that a sense of bliss and calm as well as awareness has spread throughout your day. 

For the beginners who are just starting their meditation practice, here is one meditation tip: before sitting for meditation, just shake your body rigorously for 10 to 15 minutes. If not shaking, then you can also choose to practice Yoga, or some other form of exercise or stretching. Doing this will really help you sit in meditation. 

Benefits of Meditation

  1. If you suffer from chronic stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia or other such neurological illness meditation will prove to be the best therapy for you. Not only a regular practice of meditation is known to strengthen the centers in your brain which are related to conscious attachment and detachment to emotions. In short, we can say that meditation which is basically a practice of becoming a neutral watcher is also quite helpful when it comes to intense emotions and unorganized emotions.

  2. Meditation improves focus and concentration. It strengthens the frontal lobe in our brain which is basically responsible for attention. So, start your practice today if you struggle with lack of focus or attention in life.

  3. Not only a regular practice will improve your self awareness but also helps you develop emotional intelligence. You will become more emphatic, forgiving and loving not only towards others but also towards yourself. And believe us,there is no bigger transformation of gift than the gift of self love and self acceptance.

The benefits that meditation can offer are hard to ignore. What we mentioned here is just the tip of an iceberg. But to reap all those benefits we will have to commit to the practice of sitting still and doing nothing. This can seem next to impossible for someone who is just starting on their journey. So our next meditation tip is to join a group or meditation courses in India. 

Doing this will not only help you understand the basics of the meditation but also help start the practice on your own.For example, Enlightened Circle conducts various online as well as offline meditation programs. These programs are designed in a very scientific way to work for modern problems. Not only will they give you more mental clarity and emotional stability but will also help you unlock your hidden potential. You will have more control over your moods and decisions and will also feel more content and happy. For the spiritual seekers, these programs unlock the doors to wisdom behind various ancient and modern techniques, Chakras, healing, and much more. 

It is true that meditation in the beginning requires patience and the right techniques. So learning it from someone who knows everything about it can help you a lot in your journey. But we promise you, once you start understanding the technique and enjoying the practice, there is no going back.

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