How Msm Is Beneficial For Hair Growth?

Hair growth is not that easy a process as it is claimed in some advertisements. You cannot expect to use a product and have long mane overnight. That does not happen. What can happen is speeding up the process of hair growth. There are so many products that claim to do just that, but we, as consumers, have to pick out the genuine ones.

The body generally produces certain nutrients, and enhancing it can promote hair growth. Sulfur is rightly famous for its ability to promote hair growth. A sulfur-rich compound called MSM is excellent for hair as well. What is MSM, and how does it work on the hair? Read on to know.

What is MSM?

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a sulfur compound commonly found in plants as well as in the bodies of animals and humans. The mixture can also be prepared chemically. MSM is laden with anti-inflammatory properties and is widely used as an oral supplement for many ailments. Some of them are arthritis, osteoporosis, headaches, joint inflammations, etc. However, in recent years MSM for hair growth has garnered a lot of attention. According to studies, MSM is capable of forming bonds imperative in strengthening hair and aiding its growth and retention.

How is MSM beneficial for hair growth?

Now that we know that MSM is beneficial for hair, it is time to know-how. There are two reasons why it is smart to choose MSM for hair growth. They are:

  • It prevents hair loss

The first way to promote hair growth is to protect and care for the hair you have. The sulfur component is excellent at strengthening the hair strands’ roots and reduces breakage due to damage. Damage includes the weakening of the roots of the hair or hurts along the length of the hair. Both of them are equally capable of inducing hair loss. MSM repairs the damage and prevents hair fall.

  • It induces the growth of newer hair.

It is the main activity of MSM for hair growth. For hair that is limp and weak or newer hair is not replacing the fallen ones, MSM is the key. It stimulates the hair follicles, which induces the formation of new hair strands. The body’s proteins are utilised better and transform it into keratin, the building block of hair. It is possible in two ways- take foods rich in MSM or intake supplements after consulting a doctor.

Does research back up that MSM is useful for hair growth?

A research was conducted in 2009 that showed positive indications that MSM is useful for hair growth. Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (MAP) was found to speed up hair growth even more when used with MSM. A more significant concentration of MSM showed higher growth of hair among mice.

There is no doubt that MSM is highly effective for hair growth with its two-way hair growth process. Taking supplements of MSM is a way of inducing hair growth. Still, it should always be done under the medical supervision of a professional and after knowing all possible side effects. Make MSM a part of your life and enjoy the hair of your dreams.

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