How Much Do Wedding Venues Typically Cost? 5 Factors to Consider

Doing weddings in Chester County PA is just as plausible and affordable as most parts of the USA. The average price that people pay for a wedding venue is anywhere between $700 – $20,000. Typically, the largest portion of your wedding budget will go to the venue. Below, we will break down 5 factors to consider while shopping around for a venue.

1. Consider How Much Time You Need The first factor that will impact your venue cost is how long you intend to be there. Many venues will have more than one wedding on the same day. In addition, you might have to pick from a set list of timeslots that the venue uses for their events.

2. Location & Popularity of the Venue If you are doing a wedding in Times Square, it will be a lot more expensive than doing one in a small rural environment. At the same time, a wedding venue that is popular will naturally be more expensive than one that rarely gets bookings!

3. Amenities & Vendors Included Be sure to ask any venue whether or not they include amenities like an open bar, staff, live music, and so on. In many circumstances, you will be expected to supply these things. However, if the venue does have them ready, expect to pay a slightly higher price.

4. Just for the Reception or Ceremony Too? Many people will do the ceremony and reception in separate areas. Especially those who would prefer to get married in a church. However, remember that you can combine these two events at the same venue!

5. Number of Guests You Have Any of the best banquet halls in Chester County PA can only handle a certain number of guests at the same time. Therefore, consider the space that the venue has ready and the total number of guests you want to have to share the memories of your special day!

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