How much does it cost to change a name on a ticket Jet2?

Jet2 airlines are known for providing the best comfort and services for making the passengers’ travel experience worth remembering. The airlines ensure that the passengers feel at ease in every reservation step. So even if they make spelling mistakes while mentioning their name, airlines provide them with an option of making the change.

However, the passengers must pay an amount for making the necessary changes to their flight tickets. The Jet2 name change cost will be from $75-$400 depending upon the time of making the change and the fare and flight type. Besides that, the policy and process for the name change are mentioned as follows.

Jet2 flight change policy

  • If the passengers make the changes in their flight within 24 hours of initial purchase, they don’t have to pay the name change fee.
  • The passenger is required to pay the change fee if changes are made 24 hours after the reservation.
  • If the passengers wish t make the changes in their name on the departure day in that case, they can do it by visiting the airport sale desk or by calling Jet2 customer service.
  • The passengers making the changes in their name with the help of customer service are required to pay the administration fee.

The process of name change with Jet2

  • The first step is to get onto the official website of Jet2 and look for the option of ‘Manage Booking.’
  • After getting onto the ‘Manage Booking’ page, the passengers must enter their last name and PNR number to proceed further.
  • After getting in, you are required to choose your flight and proceed with the option of change.
  • Now, a page will appear n your screen where you can change your destination, name, class, date, and time according to your preference.
  • Make the changes in your name, after which you’ll get redirected to the payment page.
  • Follow the process to make the payment for the changes that you have made to your flight ticket.
  • Once the changes are complete, you’ll receive the confirmation in your email.

Jet2 Name change fee

After knowing the process and policy of the airlines, it will be better to remind the passengers about the feet that they are required to pay for making the change in their Jet2 flight. The passengers can make the changes in their name for free, only if the changes are completed within 24 hours of reservation, or they have to make the Jet2 name change up to three characters. Other than that, the passengers must make the payment from $75-$400 depending on the flight type.

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