How much does it cost to change flight Avianca?

How much does it cost to change flight Avianca?

The costs for the flight changes in Avianca include the service charges as well the difference amount that you can observe while selecting a new flight. To make it clear, How much does it cost to change flight Avianca? And other related queries, please read out all the points and policies for flight change in Avianca:-

The ticket modification window stays open for the next 24 hours after your bookings. Also, no charges are mounted on you for the flight change or rescheduling in the ticket.
If you have missed this apparent time, then a small amount of $500 you will pay for this service and the difference amount if the next flight is more expensive than the earlier one.
If the next flight is cheaper, then the airline credits the difference amount to you in the form of eCredits, vouchers, or miles.
You should request the airline to change your flights at least 24 hours prior to the departure.

Change your flight online.

You may try to modify your tickets by yourself; check the procedure:-

      Visit the website of Avianca and open your ticket from “Manage booking”.


      Check the available options to make edits and click “change/ reschedule flight”.


      Select new dates on which you are planning to travel now.


      Continue and land on the payment page.


      Use the airline’s payment gateway to make payments and submit the ticket.


    After rescheduling, you will be notified through text or email that your booked tickets are modified, and your new dates are “these”.

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