How much does it cost to fully renovate a kitchen Adelaide?

A kitchen in the house is said to be the heart of your home. It is where families spend most of their quality time over breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A kitchen should be the most refreshing and spacious part of your house. Also, even if you are selling your house the kitchen is the most scrutinized part of your sale and is looked upon with every detail. In fact, it could decide the faith of your deal. It can also be effective in quoting a price. If your kitchen is in a good and furnished state it could help you achieve a higher price for your home. A kitchen remodel can be a good investment for you. A buyer will always be happy to pay more if your kitchen is well maintained and furnished. They don’t want the stress of renovations on them. A renovation removes negativity from your home and it improves a shabby-looking kitchen.

Here are a few things you should consider to understand how much a kitchen renovation cost will be before you start to renovate your kitchen in Adelaide.

What to keep in mind?

There are three things that you need to keep in mind before starting a renovation;

– What do you want from your kitchen space?
– How do you want it to be designed and look?
– Are the design sizes you need for your space enough?
Once these three questions are answered you can move up to planning and budgeting. Research says that an average figure that you must spend on your kitchen renovation must be around 30,000-80,000$. Hence, considering that you must plan accordingly.

Design and Process

If you are not willing to spend much then you must consider 30,000$ as your base budget. First, you will need a renovator and then they will help you with your design as per your needs. This is the step where you will only get your design in place. This will be according to your base budget. If you have an added budget you can ask the renovator to help you with a design as per that.


part from the budget a design also considers the layout of your kitchen. The renovator will help you figure out a layout for your design. In most cases, the ‘triangle layout’ works best.

Material Costs

The next process is figuring out your material costs. These might include cabinets, cooktops, and other detailing costs. New cabinets elevate the design of your kitchen and they would go up to $60 to $450. They might eat up a lot of your budget but they surely elevate your kitchen. If you have a higher budget then you can also go for handmade cabinets that cost you up to $1000-$1500. Other costs that include cooktops, backsplash, island pendants, and other small details will eat up around 30 percent of your budget, which you should be prepared for.

Labor and Breakdown Cost

An estimated value of these two costs will be around 30 percent of your budget. But it also depends on the work value. It might cost you extra at times.
Hence, it is best to have quotations in place and know your kitchen renovation cost, and then start getting your kitchen renovated.

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