How Much Does It Cost to Make an App?


How much does it cost to make an app? is a common question to ask your software development company. It’s your right to know where your money goes when crafting your mobile solution. In this guide, we break down everything you need to know about mobile apps development costs.

Factors that influence the app development cost

There are several things that significantly affect typical app development cost:

  1. Features and functionality
  2. App types, platforms, and devices
  3. Backend infrastructure and admin functionality
  4. Design
Factors that influence the cost of app development

Features and functionality

Features are what make each application unique. They’re a huge part of the custom app development process and need a lot of attention. A well-chosen set of features will resonate with users and encourage them to come back to your app. The secret behind what makes features so valuable is how they deliver the value that your application offers. If you want to build an app that helps users connect with each other, you should first consider developing features that will help people make connections, for example real-time chat, smart search, file sharing, and personal profiles.

Every application has must-have features. Additional features can increase user engagement but aren’t required at the start.

Must-have features

We’ve prepared a list of questions you should answer to know how many hours are required to build your must-have features.

Do users need to log in?

Some platforms require users to log in to view content or get access to particular functionality. Others make registration optional or let users use an application without logging in. A login feature is best for applications that enable private messaging, chats, and loyalty cards. The best practice for login is to support email login as well as social login using Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.

Email login  8-12
Social login  4-8
OTP login 8–16


Dribbble shot. Log in page

Do users have to create personal profiles?

It’s common practice to let users create profiles after they’ve logged in. Some applications can pull information from social networks such as Facebook and automatically make a personal profile. When it comes to personal profiles, you should also know that there are two types 一 simple and complex.

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