How much is JetBlue Airlines Unaccompanied minor form?

Being a working personality, are you finding it difficult to accompany your children on the trip? Hence, do you want to ensure that JetBlue Airlines allow Unaccompanied Minor Booking? Then, it would be best if you went through the content properly and sought the complete guide on Jetblue Unaccompanied Minor Travel Policy so that there would be no hindrance to your way while booking the solo trip for your kids.

What Policies Do I Suppose to Know for Unaccompanied Minor Booking on JetBlue Airlines?

We want to recommend the policies listed below so that you can easily book the JetBlue Airways Unaccompanied Minor flights.

  • Your kids must be above five years to seek this service from JetBlue Airlines.
  • Kids between five to seven and eight to twelve are eligible only for direct flights.
  • As per the unaccompanied minor booking, customers must inform the children’s legal guardian in advance of the destination airport.
  • JetBlue Airlines do not allow the kids below to travel unless or until there is some adult of 18 years older to accompany them.
  • Customers must pay fifty dollars per way for the connecting flights.
  • Customers can book the connecting flight for the Children between eight to twelve & thirteen to seventeen.
  • JetBlue Airlines do not consider kids above fourteen years older as of the unaccompanied minor. So if the kids above 14 want to fly alone, there is no restriction on any flight.
  • The children up to five to thirteen years old are considered unaccompanied minors if the customers want the solo trip booked on JetBlue Airlines.
  • Children under five years old must be accompanied by someone 14 years older or more. Otherwise, customers won’t seek booking for their kids.

What are the Requirements for Jetblue Seat Selection for My Kid?

Suppose you want to select a seat for your kids for free. Then, you should proceed with this procedure while making Unaccompanied Minor Booking on JetBlue Airlines. Below are some requirements for booking a solo trip for your kids.

  • Age ID Proof
  • Passport size Photo
  • Complete detail of your kid
  • Legal Guardian’s contact details, including contact details.

How to Book the Unaccompanied Minor Flight on JetBlue Airlines?

If you want to seek unaccompanied minor booking without any hassle, then dial Jetblue Customer Service Number and follow the IVR options. Then, press the valid key to connect with the experts. 

Once connecting with the experts, ask them for the solo trip booking for your kids and provide them with all the crucial requirements. And stay connected until they confirm your request.

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