How music can enhance guided meditation for relaxation

Meditation is a practice that is well known for improving wellbing. It involves different techinques that are able to calm the mind and reduce the repetive mental loops that are often the cause of stress.

In fact, fby dedicating five to ten minutes every day to guided meditation for relaxation can bring many benefits:

  • Enhancing new perspectives on anxious situations
  • Developing new skills to control stress
  • Improving self-awareness
  • Aiming at the present
  • Improving creativity and imagination
  • Increasing tolerance and patience
  • Reducing heart rate
  • Keeping blood pressure balanced
  • Enhancing sleep quality

MEYA offers the best Guided meditation for relaxation


There are many different type of meditations: single object, mindfulness, breathing, love and kindness, transcendental, dynamic, walking, and many others.

However for many people, making guided meditation a daily habit is still very difficult. When our mind is in override it can be very easy to give up the practice.

For this reason, by combining guided meditation for relaxation with music MEYA aims to make meditation easier, more enjoyable and immersive.

Music makes meditation easier: music has the power to bring us to the present moment. The mind is able to actively follow music only one note at the time, moment by moment. And be present moment by moment is what meditation is essentially all about. Therefore the combination of music with guided meditation for relaxation can make the practice easier for the listener.

Music makes meditation more enjoyable: by combining guided meditation for relaxation with different type of music genres, the meditation practice become more enjoyable. Like listening to a favourite music genre or song, following a guided meditation for relaxation with music makes the experience more enjoyable.

Music makes meditation more immersive: like the soundtrack of a movie can enhance specific moments of the story line, soundtrack specifically produced to accompany different type of meditations can enhance the overall meditative experience. For example a deep relaxation session can be enhanced with specific type of soundscapes while a love and kindness meditation or a meditation about gratitude can be enhanced with melodic, emotional music.

In addition specific frequencies can be embedded in the music in order to enhance further the experience.

For example, music recorded in 432hz for example has a more relaxing effect than music recorded in 440hz (the market standard), while brainwave entrainment, also called binaural beats, are able to bring the brain frequency to the level corresponding to the meditative state.

Whether you wish to find spiritual enlightenment or simply need to reduce stress or achieve deep relaxation, the combination of meditation and music will give you a certain result.

MEYA’s bespoke lyrics and functional music are combined in order to maxime the meditative experience and represent an innovative tool for mental strength and holistic wellbing.
The MEYA app is free to download and offer a large selection of free content and a 7 day free trial for the full content. Start you meditation practice today!

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