How Newspapers are Reviving History with NFTs?


NFTs have been the it-story ever since they entered the Web 3 scene. From art to games, NFTs have been quite the storm with a plethora of use cases differing widely. Apart from breathing new life to artists and NFT gaming marketplaces, NFTs have also been revolutionizing industries like sports, fashion, marketing, and so many more. 

With many sectors adopting NFTs and integrating everything they have to offer into their processes, the media, too, have incorporated the use of NFTs. And what’s better, they make use of material they already have! So how exactly do NFTs work in the media? Read on to find out.

History Repeats Itself

A number of media and newspaper companies have been jumping on the NFT bandwagon, and in a way that merges the rich tradition of history with the technology of the future. News agencies have been bringing the past to life, by pulling historic stories from their archives and revitalizing them as NFTs. 

NFTs in the media allow landmark articles and headlines about major events in history to shine again in glory. These NFTs help trace the history of our world through a lens that is filtered by time. We see the events of the past with a whole new point of view, learning more than ever from history. Apart from this, the proceeds from a few of these auctions go to charity, making it doubly noble.

Closing Thoughts

Columns, headlines, and articles have been minted as NFTs to wide acclaim. With NFTs being the key to the future of the internet, we would expect the past to be left behind in its cobwebs. However, with this perfect meld, we preserve our heritage while looking forward to the future.

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