How Nova Guard Water Tank Cover is Best for Winters?

How Nova Guard Water Tank Cover is Best for Winters?

Winter is around the corner. People love this season but it is not so friendly with the Water Storage Tanks. Cold climate and weather never form an ideal pair. There are certain areas in the country where due to extremely cold climatic conditions, the freezing of water tanks is a common problem.

Water is the most essential element of survival. Even a few hours of not consuming water can make anyone restless. That’s the reason we are being told to save water as much as possible because it is limited. At your homes and offices, you get regular water supply from the plastic water storage tanks throughout the year.

Therefore, it is very important to perform regular maintenance of your water tank. It is very important to keep your tank clear apart from regular cleaning and inspecting your water tank. Especially during winters, where freezing of water tanks is the most common problem, regular maintenance of the water tank is very crucial. This happens mostly in Hilly areas.

If not handled properly it could lead to inside overflow as the water expands when it freezes. As a result, ice pressure can break pipes or other attachments and leads due to corrosion. A water tank is just like other home appliance that requires proper care and timely maintenance in order to function efficiently.

Here comes the solution to your problem which is Nova Guard Water Tank Cover which is best suited, especially in this winter season. As covering your water tank is very important, therefore, NOVA GUARD Water Tank Covers are best suited to protect and preserve the water available in your tank.

How to Choose the Right Cover for Your Water Tank?

On average, the capacity for storing water of an overhead water tank is about 25,000 liters. The water tank’s price changes as per its quality, size, and shape. Nova Guard water tank covers are available in multiple sizes and shapes to fulfill all customer requirements.

One must consider the price of the overhead water tank before making a purchase. In India, on an average, a plastic tank of 500 liters would cost you around rs 5000. If you are looking for a multi-layer tank, the cost might shoot up a little, say for example between 1000 to 1500 rs. There are also metal water tanks available in the market which can cost between Rs 10,000 to 50,000 for a 1000 liter water tank.

Hence, while purchasing a water tank cover, it is important to be aware of the various types and applications of water tank covers. NOVA GUARD offers you two types of water tank covers which are as follows.

Type of Water Tank Covers NOVA Offers in Terms of Shape

Flat Cover

These covers are strong, tight, sturdy, and prevent any unnecessary entries. It comes mostly with stainless steel buckles consisting of vinyl.

Dome Cover

Dome shape covers are beneficial in such places where debris is an issue. The cover consists of galvanized steel or vinyl.

Type of Water Tank Covers NOVA offers in Terms of Material

PVC Cover

PVC covers are best suited in protecting your water tank from external guests such as rain and wind-based debris. We provide robust and durable PVC covers.

Steel Cover

A steel cover is best suited for cold weather conditions. The hilly areas mostly face such situations. The cover is heavy, durable, sturdy, and prevents the invasion of water.

Apart from these two categories, we also provide anti-algae covers that prevent the building up of algae. Also, it covers the water so well protecting it from wind-based debris from entering.

Benefits of Water Tank Covers in Winters

A water tank cover protects your tank in multiple ways. These are the most common issues that can be handled by using a good water tank cover

Cold – In winter the water gets freeze easily and there are chances that your tank might get burst as it won’t survive the huge pressure. Water tank covers can help in maintaining your water temperature to prevent it from freezing.

Debris – Water Tank covers can prevent any contact between the water tank and debris. You can protect your tank from debris by using the NOVA GUARD water tank cover.

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