How Online Gambling Industry Started?

The Internet era dominates the life of most people today, agree?. Internet is reasonably one of the top innovations in the human archive. Thanks to those who discovered the internet. Imagine instant access to information, entertainment, and even bringing bucks for your needs for everyone with access to a computer or mobile device.

The web has changed how we transact business, buy something we need (it constantly evolving), and even affects human behavior. And of course, the other industry that is dependent on the internet especially this crisis is gambling.
To read the history of the internet, visit WIKIPEDIA or University System of George’s article.

First Online Gambling Site Successful Launch

In the year 1996, the first online casino was launched when the internet was taking off commercially. Although some believe it was born in 1994, it has no solid facts to support this claim. What internet record is that Micrograming (a giant casino software developer company) with the help of Cryptologic officially launch the first-ever online gambling site. It was also a year when Antigua & Barbuda, passed its Free Trade & Processing Act (first offshore licensing jurisdiction), which allowed for online gambling sites to acquire a license and chance to open offices in the country. Today, the said licensing jurisdiction is accompanying crook online casinos.
Within a year since the online gambling site was successfully launched, the number of online gambling sites increase from 0 to 200 and proves that the popularity of gambling websites has been on an upward.
Online gambling sites in the 1990s are not efficient by today’s standards and it’s not shocking that the online casinos when its boom can’t be found today. If you look, only a few casinos online exist now that were launched in 1997 or maybe in 1996.
Today, Microgaming is still considered the most trustworthy software supplier in the online gaming industry. Their software currently supports all kinds of online gaming sites including poker rooms, casinos, slots, and others.

Online Poker and Multiplayer Online Gambling Launched

In the year 1998, the first online poker sites emerged. Even as an early stage of the online casino market was said to be worth over $800million then it grows a billion-dollar industry with no signs of stopping when online gambling multiplayer was introduced in the year 1999.
As online poker spikes in the year 1998, it was a record that Planet Poker is the first online gambling site to offer poker. The site quickly attracted a large number of players including Chris “Jesus” Ferguson – WSOP bracelet winner.
Planet Poker failed to maintain when technical problems and other glitches occur because of the sudden spikes of players and visitors. Planet Poker’s failure led to the rise of several online poker sites such as Paradise Poker, Partypoker, especially Pokerstars. Paradise Poker was launched in 1999 from a base in Costa Rica and suddenly became the biggest poker site in the market.
Two years after Paradise Poker launched, two online poker sites dominate the world gambling sites namely PartyPoker and PokerStars. PokerStars is partly the reason for the global poker boom as they host online tournament satellites.

The Rise of Online Slots in Online Gambling Site

Since the start of the first gambling site, study shows that the demand for the online casino is on the rise. Like online poker, online gambling sites start to develop and integrate slot machine games. Since it’s an easy game and just a pure luck game.

Sports Betting Comes in Online Gambling Picture

Online sports betting begun after online casinos. The first sports betting site available was Intertops which was established in 1996.
In history, Greeks introduced the Olympics to the world due to their love for sports. Greeks initially used to bet on athletic competitions. Since then, sports betting has spread from Greeks to Rome, where it was finally legalized. Even the ancient sports events came to an end, the bet on games was continued by Romans and caused the gambling on sports to spread in their country. Meanwhile, betting on a horse race was widespread in England, then it spread to the entire world.


To conclude, online gambling continues to grow globally and it’s not only a fun activity that you can do at home during a pandemic but also a multi-billion dollar business. As of today, several online betting websites including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and any part of the world started to adopt blockchain technology or cryptocurrency.

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