How Painting Can Increase Your Home Value?


Painting is a simple and affordable home improvement project that will boost your home’s value. Whether you’re considering an interior painting project, a kitchen colour change, or a complete exterior painting overhaul, these makeovers will significantly increase the value of your home.

Painting Increases the Value of Your Home in different Ways

Whether it’s your first time selling a home or you’re a seasoned pro, the finishing touches can make the difference between your demand on selling price and final selling price by hundreds of dollars. Here are five more ways to increase the value of your home by painting services in Sydney CBD.

Increases Curb Appeal by Painting

Your home’s exterior paint is the first line of defence against the elements in your home. That means it is subjected to the elements such as the sun, rain, wind, heat, and cold. While a good exterior paint job can last for a long time, it will eventually fade or chip. If you haven’t painted the outside of your house for a long time, if the paint is faded or cracked, it’s time to hire professional house painters in Sydney CBD.

Painting the exterior of your home can be a great way to increase your home’s curb appeal and value, especially if you want buyers to fall in love with it the moment they pull up to the curb. A beautiful exterior paint job done by experienced painters in Sydney CBD also tells potential buyers that your house is in good condition and that they won’t have to spend money on maintenance right away.

To Get the Most for Your Asking Price,

The most important thing to remember when selling your home is that the colours you like in it when you live there aren’t necessarily the colours a prospective buyer would like in it. Changing your kitchen’s colour scheme to a more neutral one makes it easier for a buyer to imagine themselves in the space. A professional painter will help you choose the right colour and even repaint your cabinets, saving you the cost of a complete kitchen remodel.

To Get a Better Return on Your Investment

Bedroom colours that are dark and restful are great for a night’s sleep, but not so much for potential buyers. It’s time to upgrade your bedrooms whether they’re dark or have saturated pops of colour. To entice prospective buyers to spend more on your home, have a professional painter repaint your bedroom walls in a soft grey or more neutral colour.

Paint Your Bathroom to Increase the Value of Your Home

If you keep your bathroom paint colour white for a spa-like feel or use bolder or deeper colours, it may not help with the overall value of your home. A periwinkle blue or light grey on the walls in your bathroom will actually increase the value of your home.

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