How Pericardium Bovine Tissue Is Most Suitable For Tissue Engineering?


The artificial heart valves require tissue patches for construction. It is an essential requirement for proper functioning of the heart. The tissues patches helps in designing customized transcatheter heart valves and ensure proper functioning. There are many companies which manufacture customized transcatheter for heart valves as per the requirement of the patient.

Custom Biocompatible Tissue Based Heart Valves

One of the most suitable and tested as well as compatible material is bovine pericardial tissue. The bovine tissue is perfect for designing different types of pericardium tissues include aortic valve, mitral valve, tricuspid valve, and pulmonic valve. There are many advantages of using these tissues for the valve construction.

The bovine pericardium has been increasingly used in different types of cardiovascular surgeries and therapy. The tissue patch is integral and even is used for arteriotomy closure even. The pericardial membrane is produced from the bovine heat tissues and hence is largely used in the tissue engineering procedures.

Multiple Function of the Tissue from the Pericardium

The bovine tissue patch is used for wide range of applications. It is indeed one of the leading strategies of tissue engineering technology. The bovine pericardium is harvested and processed to be used as a biomaterial for a number of clinical purposes. It has high elasticity and flexible making it suitable.

  • The process of tissue harvesting is easy using the bovine pericardium. One of the biggest advantages of using the same is that it is not cross-linked.
  • The bovine pericardium tissue can be customized and shaped according to the valve requirement. It does not require much of reconstitution as it is easy to make the valves.
  • The use of bovine tissues helps in reducing the surgical time. It provides structural integrity and helps in efficient functioning of the heart.
  • It is used for construction of surgical heart valves. The tissue is easy to shape and for construction of tissue engineering products.

The tissue patches are high performing, and it has high amount of collagen property. Due to the high amount of collagen protein, the pericardial tissue from bovine source has elastic properties. It helps in better shape conformity. The tissue is easy to harvest and construction is pretty easy.

Choosing a Reliable Suppliers for Tissue Patches

As a biomedical and tissue engineering professional, the tissue patches should be tested for the flexibility, compatibility, and overall utility. There are many companies which provide consulting services as well as training for development of the valves. The construction requires a lot of prototyping expertise.

Before using the tissue patches for the construction of heart valves or any parts for medical therapy, it is necessary to test the compatibility. The tissue cleaning and testing process should be of high standard ensuring better management and use of the tissue patches.

The company must have standard protocols which helps in designing and development of the tissue patches. The prototyping is essential for validation and co-ordination. There are many tests and steps which helps in checking for the tissue quality and how it will perform while using for construction of valves.

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