How Pillboxes Can Help Elderly

Medications become a daily regimen with age. And as an elderly, you must take multiple medicines for a single day. You need to take a single type of pill multiple times, and with so many medications, it gets challenging to handle. There are medicines to be taken in the morning, at noon, in the evening or just before bedtime. In that also, you need to take some before meals, and some after meals. So, you need to maintain the timings of your pills and keep the dosage in mind. Pill boxes are thus helpful and way more accessible when handling multiple pills simultaneously. It would help if you organised it according to the prescription once or twice a month, and then you are good to go. You need to keep it near the bedside, so you do not forget to take it. And it helps you take your medications on time, helping you not miss a single dosage.

You can choose from different types of pill boxes according to your needs. Also, you need to know the benefits. Read further to explore more on this.

Pill Boxes


  • Weekly Pill Organiser:

A weekly pill organiser is one of the simplest types of pill organiser. As the name suggests, it has seven sections dedicated to each day of the week; these work best for patients with one pill daily. Whether you have one medication a day or more, you can split them between sections and use the pill box according to your use.

These are removable sections, so it becomes easy while travelling to carry them. It helps you remember to take your pills on time for the day and not forget it. You can not carry the whole week’s pill organiser with you even if you go for a day. So, at that time, you need to pull out a section and use it according to your needs. Here you have different colour schemes printed on the section for different days. So, it is easy for you to recognise the pills and take them.

  • Multiple-dose Boxes:

Multi-dose boxes can take multiple doses of medication in one day, and you keep juggling between the medicines. Here multi-dose boxes come to your rescue where you need to take multiple pills at a single time. You can choose a twice-a-day box, thrice-a-day box, or even four times-a-day box according to your requirements.

A 2-day compartment box has AM and PM mentioned on their top. A 3 time day dose box will have breakfast, lunch, and dinner mentioned on them and so on. A 4-dose box will have written morning, noon, evening, and bedtime so that you do not forget to take your pills and take them at the prescribed time. But then you need to take care when you need to have those pills, is it before or after having meals?

  • Special Pill Box:

The special pill box has excellent features. It has a push-to-open button, making it super easy to access for arthritis patients, who find it difficult to open the bubble tablets, as it is less fiddly.

It works best for visually impaired people due to its large text and braille system. You can find the pill organiser for large tablets, so you need not keep them apart from your regular-sized tablets. This gives you more space for pills. There are some tablet dispenser  that would be small for large pills, so you need to organise them accordingly.


  • Forms a Checklist:

A written medication format helps you take in when required, but you must maintain that prescription properly. And if you want to organise your medication, missing a dose or taking a dose twice is unsuitable for the health of the elderly, as it might be life-taking at times. It has its side effects, and sometimes it can be fatal, so these pill boxes help you form a proper checklist and maintain track of your pills.

  • Automatic:

The medication schedule becomes complex with more pills. And as the number of pills increases, taking the correct dose at the proper time becomes challenging. It would help if you made the process smooth and automatic for yourself, making it easy for you to schedule. It also helps alert you when it is the correct time to take your pills, so you do not overlook any essential pills for the day. And after a certain age, pills are like life survival, so it is much more needed.


Managing multiple doses of medications can be challenging. And if not managed properly, it can also pose a threat to life, especially for the elderly or some deadly diseases. That’s when it becomes critical for you to organise your pills so that you do not forget to take them. It is easy to manage a single pillbox rather than juggling between different medicines and prescriptions each time of the day. Pill boxes are a reminder for you to take your medicines on time and not miss a dose, which is very important for your life.

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