How Plant Based Coaching Can Transform Your Life

Plant-based coaching is also for anybody interested in the holistic health benefits of a plant-based eating plan, no matter what lifestyle or diet you follow! Plant-based diets are recognized as being very beneficial to promoting better overall health, weight loss, more energy, and more. However, when carried out tastefully, a plant based eating plan promotes better overall health and longevity to an even stronger degree. That’s why I have developed and refined my plant based coaching process in order to be of maximum benefit to all of my clients.

In order to benefit from the many health benefits that a plant based coaching program provides, it is best to consult with a coach who has the proven expertise and experience to formulate a health plan that is tailored specifically for your unique needs. I utilize the ninety-minute introductory consultation to outline what your specific goals are and what your specific health concerns are. From there, I will evaluate your needs and your individual health plan to create a personalized customized, most beneficial plan for you.


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With plant-based coaching, you will learn everything you need to know about how to create a plant-based eating plan that is healthy for you. Specifically, during our first meeting, we will focus on your lifestyle and your daily habits. During this introductory session, you will be asked a series of questions to determine your specific lifestyle and daily habits. We will go over common sense questions such as “What is your normal sleeping schedule?” “How active are you?” and more.

Throughout the next phase of plant based coaching, you and your coach will be introduced to the basics of how a plant-based eating plan works. At this point, you and your coach can brainstorm ways that you can make changes to your lifestyle that will positively affect your health and the health of your animals. For example, during this phase, if you love animals, you and your coach can research specific vegetarian recipes and cookbooks to create meals for your loved ones. If you love pets, you and your coach may decide to make changes to your lifestyle to include a more physical exercise routine. This can include walking, jogging, hiking, or cycling – just to name a few examples.

The final part of our sixty-minute session focuses on creating the actual personalized, plant-based meal plan that you and your coach will use. During this time you and your coach will both choose recipes that are based on ingredients that you find easy to cook and eat, as well as choosing a specific day meal plan that is specific to your lifestyle and animal friends. You will enjoy sixty minutes of your life together discussing your choices in recipes, daily meal plans, and lifestyle modifications. The result is a delicious, healthy, vibrant personal lifestyle that is supported by an animal friend!

In this article, we’ve covered the first part of how Plant Based Coaching can change your lives. There is one more thing to think about: if you follow a plant-based meal plan, do not buy any food at the store that is not certified as vegan or vegetarian. Buy food from your plant-based grocery list, and cook according to the plan you have created. With the right grocery list and the right attitude, you can create a new lifestyle that supports the happiness and health of not only yourself and your family, but your animals as well!

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