How preserved flower can be the best floral gift for any occasion?

Preserved flowers are new cut flowers that go through a novel conservation measure that leaves the flowers looking normal by keeping up their unique gracefulness, shape, and splendor and will keep going for a while or even years. They are 100% characteristic, basically upkeep free, and difficult to track down in Singapore.

So, if you send preserved flowers online via same day flower delivery services Singapore, the recipient would be delighted.


Preserved flowers, preserved flower bouquet Singapore are regular flowers that are hand-picked and cut at the pinnacle of sprouting magnificence, then, at that point conveyed to the industrial facility for additional arranging, reviewing, lastly handling. This mystery preserved preserving measure permits the flowers to keep up their magnificence, delicate and sensitive appearance for quite a while.

Other than their new appearance, they are accessible in numerous exceptional tones, even in dark. This makes your astonishment much seriously astounding.

Dried flowers Vs preserved flowers

A notable technique for making dried flowers is to leave them dry normally. When totally dry, they can go through shading and setting treatment with the goal that they recover a portion of their unique appearances. In any case, they look hard and break quite easily.

In contrast to preserved flowers, even it is additionally a type of drying, yet its cycle is considerably more refined. The outcome is a totally characteristic appearance and feels as though they were newly cut flowers.

Is it true that they are preserved?

The substances utilized in the preserving cycle are non-poisonous, non-destructive, non-cancer-causing, non-unstable, and non-compound responsive. The arrangements and colorants are equivalent to those utilized in food and medication. Thusly, they don’t address any wellbeing or ecological danger.

Why send preserved hydrangea bouquets online?

If you wish to make a preserved flowers Singapore delivery, the recipient will enjoy the following benefits:

They last more than new cut flowers

The overall life expectancy of new cut flowers is between one day to two weeks. Preserved flowers can last you as long as 3 years, for the most part, however, some can even last up to 12 years!

They truly cost less expensive than new hydrangea flower bundles

A normal cost of a new hydrangea bouquet begins from SDG 80-100 any way they can just last you as long as seven days. That would imply that a new hydrangea bouquet costs SGD 15 every day. A normal cost of a preserved flower container begins from SGD 100 however it can last you the whole year and surprisingly more.

They require zero upkeep

If you order and send Preserved flowers online in Singapore, it needn’t bother with daylight nor do they should be watered. Your flowers never shrivel and you don’t have to eliminate dry leaves or supplant the flower occasionally.

Preserved flowers are incredible for everybody and appropriate for any setting

With preserved flowers online delivery SG you won’t ever need to stress over hypersensitivities, making it reasonable for people who could be delicate to dust.

In places where it is absurd to expect to adorn with new flowers and plants because of the absence of daylight and the consistent need to water and really focus on plants, preserved flowers fill in as an extraordinary other option and they never draw in pests!

You can be harmless to the ecosystem and socially cognizant

Water preservation endeavors are significant. Since preserved flowers don’t need water, you additionally save a great deal of water during the time spent adorning your home and spaces.

How to care for preserved flowers?

Preserved flowers are delicate like new flowers, so they should be maneuvered carefully and ought to be treated as follows:

  • Never water them
  • Should not be kept in high dampness regions or dry spots
  • Avoid contact with direct daylight to forestall staining or blurring
  • You may use hair dryer blow from at least 2 feet away

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