How PuqPress Has Changed the Era of Coffee Tamping

If you look at the coffee preparing room of a barista, you will see that the demands of a barista are going to be abolished from the café and restaurants. It is very strange to say that PuqPress is a very efficient coffee tamping machine that helps to perfect the tamping of coffee for the espresso machine. Espresso machines need to provide a coffee cooper which is full of coffee perfectly tamped and pressed. For having the best coffee every time, you have to use the perfect tamping system. The barista does not need to take the physical power to press the coffee. You will get exactly the same taste and density of coffee every time. So, you can serve the same taste every time to your guests. If you need to take the warranty service, you can contact the Puq Press warranty service agent in Oxenford.

What is PuqPress

PuqPress is one of the most efficient machines that can press the coffee with your given instruction. The machine has a display where you can set the pressure level of the coffee for making it dense and pressed. Most times, you can set 30lb pressure for midrange pressure. After setting the coffee cooper on the clamp of the machine, you have to press the button with the pressure of 30lb pressure or the pressure you want. Regardless the barista is on duty, you can easily press the coffee to the exact pressure that you want. There is no physical pressure of tamping coffee whoever you want to press it for the espresso machine. But, what will you do if you want a Puq Press warranty service agent in Oxenford? You have to contact a company that offers the service on it.

How does it work?

PuqPress is a machine with no handles. The tower portion gets activated by the magnetic power. The claps of a coffee tamping machine will easily grasp the coffee cooper full of coffee. Depending on the pressure you have set on the pressing machine, your coffee will get pressed. After pressing is complete, you will get the smooth tamping every time. You do not need to hire the best barista in your coffee shop. The cost of hiring an experienced barista will save a lot of cafés operating costs, and the profit will increase every time.

On the left side of the body of the PuqPress, you will get a display. If you want to acquire coffee pressing knowledge, you can study the service manual of the machine. There is a pressing level from 20lb to 60lb. Most times, the coffee demands a pressing level of 30lb.


In old age, a barista would repeatedly press the coffee for having the ground and pressed coffee perfectly to give the customers the same taste every time. While twisting and pressing the coffee, the barista need not make pain on their hands and fingers. The barista does not need to have any physical pain to get smooth pressing.

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