How Redmi became the world’s most selling phone over the years?

From the time of its introduction to the Indian market, Redmi has gradually cemented its position as one of the best-selling brands in the country. Given the extensive specifications which come loaded in new Redmi mobiles and that too at a reasonable price, such a feat was not much difficult. 

After its launch in 2010, Xiaomi, the parent brand of Redmi, has grown to become one of the biggest smartphone makers globally. In Q1 of 2021, the adjusted net profit and total revenue of Xiaomi reached historically high levels. 

Reasons responsible for Redmi’s massive growth over the years

The price and extensive availability of specifications in Redmi new mobiles make it a rage among consumers. This factor can be considered one of the reasons how this brand grew to become a leading smartphone seller globally over the years. Besides this, there are several other reasons that can be attributed to its growth. 

Illustrated below are some factors accountable for the reasonable price tags of new Redmi mobiles and the massive growth of the brand:

  • Quick large-scale production capacity

The production alignment and products platform of Xiaomi spread across various nations turns out to be of huge advantage for the brand. They provide almost similar models as other established smartphone manufacturers in a majority of their operating nations. 

The brand can squeeze its supplier’s margins and, in turn, assure them of higher volumes. 

  • Simple user interface

A new Redmi mobile usually comes with some non-removable applications that users find attractive and easy to use. With easy to navigate interface, the mobile phones from this brand often mimic the functionality of flagship models of renowned brands. In this regard, their affordability stands out the most.

  • Top-notch phone models

While launching a smartphone model, Xiaomi ensures that they time the market in the right manner. The brand never opts for any experimentation with backdated technology and processors, thereby delivering top-notch models and making themselves one of the favorites among consumers. There are a number of mobiles under 20000 which feature some of the best and unique specifications, making them a rage among users.

  • Sale of products through the online route

A majority of Xiaomi products are sold exclusively through the brand’s online hypermarket stores and chains. This turns out to be a huge fund saver. It also retails its products through Mi Store, its own web store available online. This completely outflanks other third-party retailers and distributors who look for their own profits, thereby raising the price.

  • Use of influencers

Xiaomi is probably the first brand that has utilized social influencers in the right manner. This brand conducts conferences and considers feedbacks of these individuals. Moreover, Xiaomi keeps influencers in loop regarding their product launches. This eventually helps create a buzz in the social platform, thereby contributing to the company’s popularity.

  •   Constrained stocks

Xiaomi launches only a certain number of mobiles every time they are launched. This principle of constrained stocks has helped this firm to keep its costs low. 

  • Avoiding unnecessary investments

Xiaomi as a brand doesn’t make unnecessary investments. When it comes to investing in promotions, the brand relies immensely on digital marketing. To boost sales, the brand does not make investments in customary advertisements and promotions, unlike other smartphone manufacturers. Redmi remains confided in its global customer base, media, and social networking sites.

These factors and more have proceeded to make Redmi one of the best-selling smartphone manufacturers over the years. If you are looking to invest in a new Redmi phone, visit the Bajaj Mall to make your purchase. This platform houses an impressive inventory of mobile phones from every price range.

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