How Safe Is A Hernia Belt?

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A hernia belt or truss is designed to keep your hernia inside the abdomen. The hernia belt keeps the pressure on the place of your hernia, thus due to the pressure of the belt, the intestines are not able to come out from inside.

Although a belt can be an effective method, in the beginning, its risks are also very high, so the belt should be used only for a short time under the direction of the surgeon.

Some people think that hernia surgery can be avoided by using a belt. This thought can be very dangerous, especially if your hernia does not go inside (irreducible hernia) then the risk is very high.

Sometimes there may be an intestine in the hernia and if you wear a tight belt from above, then the delicate intestines get pressed between the tight belt and your muscles or bones and become an emergency condition. That’s why we advise you to avoid using the belt and if it is very necessary, use it only under the supervision of the surgeon.

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