How Should I Prepare For My Wedding Catering Tasting?

One of the most exciting and memorable parts of planning a wedding is the tasting. It lets you taste the food that will be served at your reception with the caterer who will be in charge of it. A wedding tasting happens weeks or months before the wedding. This gives you sufficient time to make any last-minute changes or tweaks to your wedding menu. If you haven’t chosen a caterer yet, this might help you decide. But if you’ve already signed an agreement with a certain caterer, you can see how they present their food and try it. This article explains what to expect from your caterer and how to prepare for your wedding catering tasting.

Set a spending limit.

You should set a budget in mind and know how flexible it is before you go to the tasting. Since you’ll be trying a lot of good food, you might feel like you want to serve it all. No matter how many options you have, you should always think about your budget to make sure you don’t run out of money.

Bring your best tasting gear.

You need to do more than just take notes and pictures during the tasting. Plan the wedding catering tasting for a time when you don’t have anything else important to do. Don’t eat a big meal before the tasting session, and if you can, come in hungry, so you don’t lose your appetite.

Don’t be afraid to ask for things to be changed.

At wedding tastings, one of the biggest mistakes couples make is not asking for changes. If you like spicy foods, you might be wondering if the chef could make the tacos a little bit spicier. Maybe the salmon tasted better, but the sauce didn’t do much for you. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask for customisations as long as you are polite and kind. Caterers like to find new ways to be creative.

Be honest in your feedback.

It’s important, to tell the truth about what you thought of the tasting. If you didn’t like the food, but your partner seemed to like it or wasn’t sure, you should say something. If you want to change something, make sure your chef or caterer knows about it. Telling the vendor what you think about the food, how it’s served or how it can help them make changes that meet your needs.

Some things to look for in the best wedding catering services are how the food is presented, how fresh it is, how the table is set up and how it is served. Feel free to ask questions and make notes, as this will help you remember everything about your wedding menu. Even though you want your wedding food to taste better, it is also crucial to work with a caterer who is trustworthy, consistent and flexible to help make your big day a success.

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