How Smartsheet for Outlook Works?

Outlook, the most popular personal information manager, primarily used as an email application has come up with a new feature called, Smartsheet. The smartsheet allows the users to organize, track, and collaborate on different projects in a real-time. This all can be done without leaving your inbox. You can put project tasks, change requests, the requirements of the customers and other points. You can further connect both the Smartsheet and Outlook together and then keep record as well as track of every detail without any hassle. Other key features of Smartsheet for Outlook include:

  1. Converting an email into a shared item that displays in a row in the sheet where all collaborators can have access of it
  2. Editing the items and the tasks for assigning it to someone for scheduling it or adding comments along with the other required details in the email
  3. Using the complete email as a discussion linked with your Smartsheet item
  4. Browsing or searching the Smartsheet for the new project
  5. Adding the email attachments to your Smartsheet item

By linking with your Office 365 credentials, you can start using the free trial of the Smartsheet or by using your existing Smartsheet credentials. In the former case, you need to verify the email address upon receipt of the Smartsheet confirmation notice before using the add-in.


Smartsheet for Outlook Compatibility:

  1. Smartsheet is compatible with almost all the Outlook versions, permitting add-ins for Office. This add-ins incorporates Outlook 2013, Outlook web app and the above versions, including Office 2016 for Mac and Windows.
  2. The Smartsheet for Outlook needs Office 365 and Exchange on-premise is not supported in this. To confirm you have Office 365 or not all you need to do is visit If no login information is required, it means you already have Office 365 installed on your device.
  3. This new feature is dependent completely on the Smartsheet. It is a subscription-based service.

Smartsheet Information

It is a tool used mainly for project management and collaboration. With the help of this, you collaborate with your team in real-time to deliver accurate and better results by using the features like alert and reminders, Gantt charts, resource managements, etc.

Things to keep in mind while using Smartsheet

  1. Import any existing Excel spreadsheet or MS project file
  2. You can start with a customizable template by choosing from project management templates, task management templates, event planning templates, agile project management templates, sales templates, finance templates, recruiting and marketing templates.

Smartsheet for Outlook also have add-in capabilities by enabling the users send data over the internet.


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