blood test collection

As more people are now becoming interested in accepting the at-home sample collection services with the sort of different sample collection devices and kits that not only generally allows the patients to collect their blood samples but that also helps in mailing their sample of blood directly to the blood laboratory for further examination and analysis of medical tests and blood tests. SRL collection Centre allows using a single finger stick method that produces a single drop of blood that easily absorbs the blood with the sample collection device so there is not any need for glass vials or any other devices.


SRL Path Labs also provides the blood collection kit to collect the sample of blood, once you get to know how the sample of blood is collected through this device then you will also understand why most of the people surrounding me preferred this method of own sampling for their blood. With SRL Collection Centre Services you will get the patient-centric sampling at home that not only reduces the anxiety for people but also helps in avoiding exposure to contagions in different clinical settings. Blood-based tests performed at the SRL path Labs were performed with the well-established blood collection method called dried blood spot or DBS. For this, you have to drop the blood from your fingertip on a DBS Card. Using the sample collection through this method considers somewhere tricky to transfer the right amount of blood onto a tiny circle using the DBS Card.


SRL Path labs prefer high-quality blood samples with quality devices that are remain stable without any control of temperature when it is stored and shipped even from various remote locations. The home sample collection services are always best and helpful for those who have weaker immunity and who do not want to go outside to give the sample as they are at higher risk of facing major complications from various diseases. So instead of heading outside for those, having the sample collection of blood at home is a safer way to ensure that all the health are fulfilled.

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