How Strong is The Stability of Frsky Receiver

Frsky Receiver is outstanding. The shock-absorbing ball is very easy to stain dust…Don’t take off around the sand. The Frsky Horus’s arms are folded very much the same since the Pro. Due to the drastically shortened wheelbase, the motors have altered from being distributed one at a time after folding to meeting in the heart of the fuselage.

The blades are altered from folding propellers to straight propellers getting a diameter as extended since the fuselage. Because of this, the Frsky Receiver of Frsky Horus has the potential to deal with the wind similar to individuals from the Frsky Pro.

The professional receiver photographer V Kai W really tested that Frsky Horus might take off easily in the strong wind of 25 miles per hour. Ai Farner (WeChat ID: if any) did not test that personally since it did not find this kind of strong wind.

Finally, it is also most likely probably the most “Pro” structural upgrade in the Frsky Horus body.

The FlightAutonomy 2. flight system transported by Frsky Horus transfers the battery compartment towards the feet from the Horuscraft.

The surface of the space is almost completely limited to the computing module, flight control module, visual recognition module, and also heat dissipation module. The compactness has extra room to connect to the back and front. The Two groups of obstacle avoidance receiver cameras are out-and-out “small steel cannons.”

The development in the heat dissipation structure boosts the heat dissipation performance in the Horus. Although there are more cameras and wealthy visual recognition functions, the atmosphere does not want to use metallic heat sink round the covering like the Pro, as well as the appearance is a lot more concise.

Someone may be worried the well-designed heat dissipation structure will restrict its endurance in severe cold environments. In conclusion is always that as extended since the battery is stored warm before take-off, even round the Finnish ice lake at minus 20 levels Celsius, the Frsky Horus is capable of 14% in the remaining battery existence more than 17 minutes.

As opposed to fretting concerning the short while of battery existence gap between it and Frsky Pro, buy two more batteries. The charging butler of Frsky Horus could be the little egg in the all-around suit. The folding design protects the charging contacts and cuts lower around the size. It might be easily made the shoulder bag in the suit.

Spend somewhat money to fill some card slots in the charging manager, and you’ll have several hours of receiver flying ability. It’s enough for just about any day’s travel. A battery that is not used could also be used just like a mobile energy source to charge the phone.

Photo Transmission: This Wi-Fi is not that Wi-Fi

There is something to condition before: Frsky Horus’s video transmission performance will fluctuate due to the improvement within the signal atmosphere in the specific flight scene.

When the folding antenna is properly deployed as well as the handheld remote Frsky receiver control antenna pointing might also customize the video transmission performance. Therefore, test data and check out this part for reference only.

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