How Study of Robotics Can Shape Your Career?

With the evolution of robotics, the world is changing. According to a survey, nearly 6% of the jobs will be taken over by robots in the U.S. by 2021. McKinsey, on the other hand, mentioned that by the year 2030, nearly one-third of American jobs would be completed by robots. In a word, the jobs will be automated. Today’s generation takes an interest in the field of robotics. If you wish to see your child as a future robotics engineer, then ask him to sharpen his skillsets from the very beginning. After ten years down the lane, you might see that robots are even babysitting children when the parents are out of the home. Most importantly, teens of today’s generation do not want to choose conservative career paths. They wish to do the job which they enjoy the most.


What is robotics?           


Robotics engineering is a branch of engineering which focuses on the construction of machines that duplicates human actions. The branch of engineering is highly demanded among industries in today’s world. More and more students are opting for this lucrative career. If you are a student who has a great academic career, then you can certainly work in NASA, which happens to be an American research organization. Robots can already be seen in industries like healthcare, food processing, automobile manufacturing, education, military, and domestic. Apart from such industries, robots are used elsewhere, which includes space, agriculture electronics, underwater, entertainment (gaming and film industry), logistics, production, and consumer (LPC), investigation (Intelligence agencies and police departments), search and rescue (SAR) and security, assistance, and rehabilitation systems.


Skills required to become a robotics engineer 


Are you willing to pursue robotics engineering? Check out the skillsets which you have to possess if you want to gain success in your career.

  • Creativity
  • Modernization
  • Scientific temper
  • Proficiency in mathematics
  • The capability of solving applied mathematics
  • Possessing a mindset of programming
  • Knowledge of the technicalities
  • Systematic thought process
  • Proper judgment
  • Competence in decision-making
  • Making effective decisions
  • Good communication skills.


Apart from all the skills mentioned above, you must also have the capability to conceptualize, design, development, maintenance, troubleshooting, testing and giving feedback.


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