How Surplus Funds Recovery Companies Fight for You?

Upon the foreclosure of residential real property, the remaining funds belong to the former homeowner after all of the debts and obligations are satisfied. The remaining funds are a surplus.

Homeowners have the right to recover surplus funds that result from the foreclosure sale of their home. And our legal professional John Bauer at Financial Relief Legal Advocates, Inc., is here to help claim this money so that you have funds to start a new chapter in your life. While the overall procedure can be difficult, recovering the surplus funds will be a positive end to a challenging time.

A foreclosure trustee is legally obligated to deposit them to the home’s previous owner whenever there are surplus funds after a foreclosure sale. However, sometimes the surplus funds from a sale can be substantial, and some unethical trustees might try to claim the money for themselves.

But with the help of Financial Relief Legal Advocates, Inc and its attorney John Bauer, you can track down any excess funds you are owed and hold the trustee accountable for any wrongdoing.

As a surplus funds recovery company, we have the rare and specific knowledge necessary to recover the surplus funds fast. Recovering surplus funds is complicated, and we are one of the few firms that have such expertise and resources to assist clients in this complicated area of law.

A large part of our practice is the recovery of money left over after an auction of a foreclosed property. Many people are surprised to learn that if after such a sale that there is sometimes money left over after the bank is paid off. That money is the property of the homeowner.

It can sometimes amount to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. The challenge is finding it and getting it back from the State. It is something that we are here to help you with creating a surplus funds recovery contract. There are very particular rules that must be followed to convince the State that you are who you say you are and owned the property.

As a trustworthy surplus funds recovery company, we will walk you through the legal process and handle all of the complicated paperwork. We advocate to obtain the surplus funds you are entitled to. Financial Relief Legal Advocates Inc. has a stellar reputation for delivering efficient and comprehensive legal representation for our clients, and we are prepared to put our skills to work for you today. So contact us for necessary help and free half an hour consultation.

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