How Technology Creates Eyewear That Not Only Fits Better but Also Looks Better

Technology is what moves the world forward. It seems like these days, innovation is almost the norm, and it’s through these innovations that our lives have become easier and more connected than in years past. While you might think of the tech in your smartphone or car as the latest and greatest innovations, tech in other industries like eyewear is literally changing the way we see the world.

FEMALE_Octavia-Plastic_RetouchedJust a decade ago, the thought of wearing custom-tailored eyewear might have seemed impossible to some people. That would mean going to a luxury bespoke shop and having someone measure your nose, ears, and other facial features to then painstakingly craft a pair by hand. These days, however, it’s entirely possible to design your own pair of custom-tailored eyewear from the comfort of your own home.

So, how does technology make eyewear not only fit better but also look better? Here are a few of the ways.

Built Around Your Unique Specifications

Not every face is the same, so you can’t expect every pair of mass-produced “one-size-fits-all” stock eyewear to fit your face perfectly. Fortunately, companies like Topology have harnessed technology so you no longer have to compromise on fit. They have an advanced app that takes your 3D facial measurements to make your custom glasses measurements. This guarantees a virtually perfect fit every time. So, if you’re tired of red marks on your nose, or pinching and slipping caused by frames that don’t quite work, custom-tailored eyewear is the solution for a true custom fit.

A More Precise Fit for a More Precise Style

Wearing custom-tailored eyewear feels like nothing else. You don’t deal with common eyewear annoyances, and you can even see better through the lenses now that they’re positioned perfectly—just as your eye doctor intended.

Plus, when your eyewear fits better, it’ll look better too. With a pair of custom-tailored frames, you’ll likely notice subtle differences like the frame height and width and how it looks more in proportion with your other facial features. If you have a face that’s a bit bigger or smaller, you’ll likely see an even more significant difference as your frames now fit your face without any discomfort or disproportionate looks. What problems could custom-tailored eyewear eliminate for you?

The End of Compromising

People with bigger or smaller faces often struggle to find a pair of frames that suits their unique measurements. So much so, that if you’ve ever searched high and low for glasses for small faces, you might have ended up in the kids’ section of the eyewear store. Forget about compromising with custom-tailored eyewear.

With custom-tailored eyewear brands like Topology, you are free to try any style you want and will know that the frames are sized according to your unique facial measurements. Whether you want small frame glasses that actually fit your petite face, larger frame eyewear that doesn’t pinch, or you want something that highlights your favorite facial features, custom-tailored eyewear is the way to go. How could custom-tailored frames change the way you express yourself through eyewear?

About Topology

Topology brings custom-tailored eyewear to people across the U.S. with their innovative app and completely custom options. Whatever your style or fit needs are, you can design a pair of glasses or sunglasses that will feel great on your face and look even better in proportion with your facial features. Using the Topology App, you can create your 3D facial measurements, and the AR platform will project digital glasses on your selfie video while you design them. The San Francisco-based company specializes in producing custom-tailored eyewear that is unique to your face using premium materials that you select. Whether you need big frame glasses or are tired of compromising on stock frames, Topology has you covered.

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