How the Best HR Helpdesk Ticketing System Can Unlock Your HR Department’s True Potential

The internet completely transformed countless spheres of work and life. Artificial Intelligence tools may have an even bigger impact on the way we work. At first, AI tools were only thought to be useful in the tech or finance industry. However, recent innovations are proving that these tools can make significant impacts on an industry that has depended heavily on manual processes and human efforts in the past – the Human Resources (HR) industry.

Artificial Intelligence is making headway in the HR industry for many years now. For business leaders, the message is clear – use the best Artificial Intelligence help desk for your HR department if you want to gain significant competitive edges in the intense world of employee recruitment and retention.

Leading HR experts are in favor of this integration of AI tools into HR departments. A recent survey involving Oracle employees revealed that 65% of employees are optimistic about having gratifying relationships with AI-powered tools as they’ll help them perform their job better.

Here are the capabilities of AI tools that leading HR experts are so excited about –

Elimination of Repetitive Tasks

The best HR helpdesk ticketing system can easily automate repetitive tasks and ensure only significant issues or complaints reach human operators. HR professionals are inundated with countless ‘low-quality’ tasks every day, for instance, making changes to dates or answering employee questions. An AI-powered HR help desk will use all the data collected by the organization to create an inbuilt knowledge base. Instead of badgering HR professionals with simple questions, employees can turn to these AI-powered systems and receive highly personalized answers.

Making Recruitment and Onboarding Easier

Employee attrition is a major concern for HR departments across the world. HR teams put in a lot of resources into recruiting, training, and onboarding employees. So, when an employee leaves the company, HR departments not only lose a worker, but they also lose these resources. With AI-powered helpdesks, HR professionals can use advanced analytics to make onboarding processes much cheaper and easier. These helpdesks can serve as virtual agents for employees. Plus, the data collected by these AI-powered systems can be used to spot patterns like work quality, performance levels, etc., and determine how likely certain employees are to quit the workforce.

Efficiency Boost

By the end of 2021, 70% of organizations are expected to integrate artificial intelligence tools primarily to assist their employees. Augmenting human intelligence with artificial intelligence can massively increase the productivity levels of your HR professionals. For instance, using these tools, HR teams can create knowledge and information management systems.

Using these systems, the rest of the employees can resolve HR-related problems on their own. These tools also come with efficient ticketing systems, which make it easier for HR professionals to handle employee complaints, queries, and requests. More importantly, these ‘virtual assistants’ are always learning. For instance, modern-day AI-powered chatbots can learn from employee interactions and gradually increase their ability to rapidly resolve complex issues.

As HR processes become more complex, the need for technological assistance becomes even more severe. The best HR helpdesk ticketing system with analytical, predictive, and adaptive capabilities can help over-worked HR departments improve their efficiencies and outputs.

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