How the Mandalorian Has Changed Filmmaking

Mandalorian was made special by the mind-blowing visuals that stunned anyone who saw it for the first time. Lucasfilm has recently revealed the secrets behind the filming that took care of such stunning details that it awed fans. StageCraft, a new LED screen technology, was the key to the creation of the show. It was one of the first times that a show or a movie was entirely shot using StageCraft. Although this technology had been used before by filmmakers for other big-budget production, Mandalorian was something special.

Ever since the show’s look has gotten a lot of praise, Hollywood seems to have become more open to the idea of using the LED screen technology for high profile production. The recent examples of this being, The Batman and Thor: Love and Thunder, who have officially announced that they will use this technology since their production was affected by the present health care crisis. But it would be wrong to think that this technology is not here for the long run; it appears that there is a paradigm shift in the ways Hollywood has been looking at high profile production and the new changes are here to stay.

The StageCraft system is called overrated by some critics, but these suspicions are wrong since the innovative filmmaking technology delivers what is expected of it. It can not only help shoot indoor shots, but it is an excellent replacement for physical sets. The StageCraft system can shift the background display to match the camera-action by using the encompassing LED display. Aware of the shifting demands, ILM is increasing the StageCraft production, and at the same time, they are also improving the LED constructs, which are going to be crucial in the production of The Batman and Thor: Love and Thunder. The rise of the newer technology can also be credited to the present healthcare crisis that has made innovation necessary.

The new technology will grant the producers the freedom to resume the shoot in a much more controlled environment. There is also the added benefit of the decreased carbon footprint of the production, which is a fantastic thing ecologically. Since Hollywood stars have been actively voicing support for protecting the environment from further degradation, StageCraft seems to be a godsend. It can help cut the ecological damage caused due to media production. Hopefully, the stars and producers are just as caring while making production decisions while making speeches when they receive awards.

There is also growing innovation after the demand for StageCraft increased for the production of the upcoming films. It appears that companies have understood that with better technology, they can capitalize on the opportunity at hand and make the filmmaking process much more comfortable. The Mandalorian seems to have changed the production landscape, and things are going to change drastically now. But it won’t be the first time that Star Wars will be transforming filmmaking, Geoge Lucas has done it before, and with StageCraft technology, Mandalorian seems to have done the same.

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